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TV Advertising as the Most Appropriate Communication System Term Paper


Advertisement is for publicity and transmits messages through a wide variety of media. Media space and time depend on the target audience in mind. The advertiser has control over what the audience perceive and interpret the message. All the advertisements are subject to strict control and even government intervention. Legal, decent, honest, fruitful is the slogan of the advertising industries watchdog (Zacher 191).

Advertising is non-personal and involves mass media communication of messages to large numbers of people at the same time. Although advertising expenditures can be very high especially in the case of consumer goods and services, the cost of reaching a vast number of people is often far cheaper than other promotional means.

There is little tangible difference between service providers and service offerings within a particular market sector since advertisement play a fundamental role in differential and positioning products and services. Thus, adverts are an extremely powerful tool for developing strong brand and organizational image. They create awareness and stimulate demand and successful underpins (Zacher 160).

One of the key tasks facing advertising firms is the selection of appropriate media for advertising and other forms of communication. The choice of media depends on the available budget, target audience, level of coverage required, exposure, frequency, cost effectiveness, and the desire to impact.

The forms of media are television, newspapers, magazines, cinema, radio, and outdoor. Media planners are responsible for planning the time of the campaign. Advertising agencies and medium buying service are creative and careful planners of the schedule in order to communicate the right message through the most effective medium (Howe 8).

Problem Statement

A company is planning to launch a new product on the nutritional food for young children aged 2-4 years old. The company wants to use TV advertisements, magazines, point of purchase materials and products, and packages to teach the target audience about the risks and safe usage conditions of their product.

General objective

The general objective of this study is to establish the most appropriate system to communicate to the mothers, fathers and grandparents of the children about the product in a manner that they can get attracted. The study will fulfill the objectives such as

  1. Find out the effectiveness of the communication objectives of the advertisement
  2. Find out if the target audience has received the message
  3. Find out if the audience has received the right message
  4. Find out whether the budgets observance

Justification of the study

There are many ways to evaluate the results of communication, but there are many difficulties associated with measuring effectiveness of the communication. Communication elicits a response, prompting trial of purchase of a new product. Consumers surrounding is full of distractions hence not able to understand or concentrate on the message conveyed.

Literature Review

Central to good communication is the need to transmit messages appropriately. Communication creates so much room for misinterpretation or misunderstanding at any given situation. The person sending the message must have a clear decision idea of the objective of the communication.

If it is not clear at the beginning, the communication process is already in charge of breaking down. The sender must be certain that it accurately conveys the words they originally intended. Communication process discourages interruption of the audience by noise and family conversations options (Seller 153).

The receiver of the message can affect the accuracy of the message by his believes, attitudes, and misconception, for example, family conversations option of reading a book or newspaper, adverts noises arises from the editorials intensity, photograph, and other advertising reports which compete for the readers attention.

The feedback is through personal conversations and negotiations. It takes a longer time to measure the effectiveness of the communication by monitoring increases in sales and responses of customers during sales. The information communicated is very sensitive since it concerns products of young children of age 2-4 years. Therefore, the advertiser should very careful (Allen 8).


This study is in the target markets and homes where there are large numbers of consumers.

Data collection

The data is from the focus groups, a panel of consumers, and a panel of marketing experts. Face to face, interviews, and questionnaires are the methods to use. The data reflects the product of the company in the views of the consumers and experts on the product.

Sampling technique

To get more relevant and high quality data, emphasis are confined to the mothers, fathers, and grandparents since they are more likely to feel the impact of the risks and benefits of the product. Systematic sampling technique is most appropriate since all the subjects of the study are inaccessible. This probability technique must avoid biasness. A maximum of five thousand people have a chance of selection for the study.

Project output

This study aims at coming up with the recommendations to help the parents and guardians to be aware of risks when using the product and to provide clear guidelines on the usage of the product. This helps them to have the confidence of purchasing that product. The study will aim at attracting and creating awareness of the product.

Data analysis

The respondents’ answers or responses are prepared to avoid the errors and omissions that affect the overall analysis. Analysis techniques make the study more understandable by everyone. Tables, graphs and numbering display the analyses in an easier way to read and interpret.

Time schedule

Activity Period (weeks) When to be conducted
Development of proposal 3 June, 2011
Development and plotting instruments 1 June, 2011
Pre-testing 1 July, 2011
Data collection 4 July-august, 2011
Data organization, analysis, and interpretation 2 August, 2011
Typing, editing, report writing, and submission 1 August, 2011

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