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Multiculturalism Should Continue To Be Promoted In Canada Essay


The freedom of the people would be hindered if they were contained only in a certain cultural society by natural birth or language. Thus, it is important that every person in Canada, irrespective of their race or cultural origin, is provided with an opportunity to be exposed and learn any other language from countries in which Canada cooperates with in terms of business, politics, and other issues.

Multiculturalism policy inside a bilingual background has been seen by the government as a highly appropriate way of guaranteeing the freedom of culture within people of Canada (Tierney 6). This policy should further be supported since it has helped break down discriminatory thoughts and hatred among cultures.

Natural unity, whether it is to signify something in the totally individual sense, have to be established on self-assurance in one’s own personal character. Through this, everybody would generate respect to the other people and readiness to share thoughts, suggestions, and ideas.

Multiculturalism and Culture

A strong multiculturalism policy will aid make this first self-reliance and it can create the foundation of a society that is derived from fairness for everybody. Additionally, multiculturalism informs people about other people or society origins and anyone in Canada can be informed about various cultures.

Because of the multiculturalism which is there in Canada, everybody can have an opportunity to learn about Greek, China, and African food in Vancouver without being in these countries. People can also learn about various fashions and religions in a community which is multicultural and it will also introduce different languages in Canada.

If a person desires to learn the second language, it will be easy to get a native speaker (Mooney 251). This will help then get a native speaker who can teach them to speak a certain language with appropriate pronunciation and accent. Therefore, the idea of multiculturalism enables various cultures and societies to learn from each other.

The government should maintain and promote different ethnic and culture clusters which provide liveliness and arrangement to societies in Canada. They should be promoted to share their cultural idioms and values with the rest of Canadians and as a result will add to a better-off life for everybody (Parada & Homan 27).

Another optimistic impact which multiculturalism has been felt by Canadians is the fact that in Canada there is huge quantity of standard of living, views, and ideas to make use of them. Without promoting or implementing multiculturalism in Canada, it would not be better-off in cultural practices and art.

Racism and Employment

Multiculturalism policy would in due course reduce racism because when several cultures come to reside together, they start getting to learn each other, create nearness and will get more linked to each other. This leads to reduced racism and discrimination towards different cultures and ethnic groups (Grant 197).

Another impact generated by multiculturalism is that when various cultures and ethnic groups stay together, people will profit since they will understand other people. They will also generate a better understanding of the societies or cultures around them (Fleras 55).

For example, a Muslim who only understands his own religion and lifestyle will have a chance to learn and understand other people’s religions and cultures, and thus his knowledge regarding other beliefs, values, communities, and religions will be enhanced.

This will at the end allows Muslims to have more freedom, since they can currently make out other lifestyles, and can select better way in which they see it better. This is a very significant feature of Canadian community: the potential to have enhanced freedom and freedom of choosing any religion and lifestyle they desire to have.

Media has emphasized on the brain drain from Canada to United States and all together, Canada is facing a huge unidentified brain drain of educated and experienced immigrants.

The issue of human capital has the great implications for economy, cultures, and values of Canada, and yet most public discussion concerning the matter is derived from misunderstanding and insufficient information.

With the intention of introducing various fresh and new ideas to immigration and recruitment guidelines and progress in Canada, multiculturalism would help in promoting this understanding and give chances to immigrant to portray their unseen education and skills (Grant 26).

The government should operate towards enhancing Canada’s immigration structure and policies to create it simpler, reasonable, and more responsible and to offer aid in key centers to aid immigrants obtain identification for their overseas records or academic qualification. This lack of recognition of credential made them look for low paid wages and this may weaken or does not promote Canadian economy.

Multiculturalism at workplace

Multiculturalism in companies can generate sense of cultural understanding among employees who are aware of there colleagues’ attitudes and viewpoints and will adjust to think widely away from their culture when they experienced some complex issues.

If an employee has experienced ideas and principles of other people coming from different cultures which appear to be strange to them, they can start to consider the slightness of their world outlook and the way in which it negatively influences their capacity of reflecting and tackling issues (Geisen and Harde 72).

The idea of multiculturalism permits employees to play entirely an important role derived from their personal cultural settings, skills, and other prerequisites. When the range of perspectives is applied in the analytic, solutions which are fresh and creative can be attained.

Personnel can profit from this diversity since they generate human resources with a bigger social network than merely particular cultural society. This often creates significance for goods and services in several ethnic communities in the bigger society.

Companies which provide products and services which attract various ethnic societies are more probable to take advantage of multicultural personnel whose participants can stay in touch with people in those ethnic societies.

Workers who grow to be aware of the beliefs and principles of others in the company can desire to learn more regarding that culture. An inquisitiveness concerning somebody else’s society can result in permanent and immediate pursuit of learning.

Awareness of other cultures will motivate tolerance in the company and as well motivate employees to apply knowledge of other cultures during their daily duties.

Multiculturalism supports the economic growth of Canada, since multicultural society would be a focus for other countries’ enterprises to spend money in Canada. A great number of entrepreneurs enter Canada to start and invest in their companies each year, and this will raise employment opportunities to Canadians and decrease joblessness rate.

In addition, multiculturalism as well facilitates a huge number of immigrants into Canada and from latest research carried out by Annex (71) demonstrated that a quarter of the people in Vancouver are immigrants.

During their first arrival in Canada, they have to buy houses, clothes, and have jobs which make them pay tax to Canadian government. Thus, multiculturalism is a very important aspect for the growth of the economy.

Without multicultural policy in Canada there will be minimal population of immigrants who will come to Canada and without their presence, population in Canada would not be big enough to make the economy strong.

The societies of Canada would greatly benefit from these immigrants since they generate employment, pay taxes, contribute to economy of Canada, and other important issues. This process of immigration of people into Canada is the key cause why Canada has turn into a successful nation state (Annex 72).


From the above analysis, we can conclude that Multiculturalism has considerably reduced racism and discrimination among the people in Canadian societies which are supported by social interaction.

People in workplaces have greater chances of sharing ideas, opinions, and understanding other workers culture which can help them to apply when solving some complex issues. It also enhances the understanding about other cultures and it works as a better tool in learning other people’s culture and language.

In a company which recognizes various cultures and encourages diversity, the company would have no need to implement their own diversity policy arrangements since people will be equipped with knowledge about diversity.

The companies and businesses would just need to hire employees and they should be ready to adjust to a diverse setting where they should find different people from different cultures. The government should increase the promotion of multiculturalism to solve and tackle the above issues like reduce racism, company’s diversity, education, and other areas which are important in our society.

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