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Palomar Community College: Overview Essay

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Updated: Nov 6th, 2021

Palomar Community College is considered to be referred to the true leaders in quality learning due to a supportive learning environment and sufficient governing board structure development. It should be stressed that the principal goal of the college governing system is aimed at the promotion of learning outcomes being important for the students to live an independent, creative and responsible life in the modern changing world. The Palomar College governing body structure covers staff, faculty, administration, and students; it should be noted that it has made progress in the development of the mechanism of staff support and governing body improvement.

The governing practices and structure operate in accordance with Palomar Community College values aimed at providing support to individual’s inclusiveness, viewpoints identification in the decision-making process. It should be stressed that the central goal of the governing body of the college is concentrated on the trust and mature respect promotion during actions and communication; besides, it focuses on fostering integrity being the foundation for operational processes. One is to stress that the governing board of the college is considered to be the final authority delegating it to the Superintendent, who is responsible for receiving and soliciting input resulted from the decision-making process of the governing board. (Cohen, & Brawer, 2002)

The governance structure is related to the representation of the all the recognized constituencies involved in Palomar Community College, such as students, Faculty Senate, the members of Administrative Association, bargaining classified staff and unit faculty, Supervisory and Confidential employees, executive, and senior administration. It should be identified that all the constituencies’ appointments being not specified through the position, are performed by the faculty senate, CEE classified staff, PFF faculty, ASG students, directors and managers as Administrative Association, and Superintendent comprising executive and senior administrators. The principal responsibilities of the governing body staff are concentrated on preparing and attending special meetings, discussion participation, making a contribution to the decision-making process, and communicating with individual constituencies. In the governing body functioning within a community college, the aspect of recommendations is considered to be the result of consensus reached by the group. Otherwise, the recommendations are made by the majority. It is necessary to underline the fact that all the representatives of governance and administrative structure are completely responsible for informing their respective constituencies of the recommendations and proceedings.

The next point of the governing body structure analysis of the Palomar Community College is related to governance structure examination; thus, the council’s duties, covering the constituency representatives, are aimed at college-wide issues being reported to Strategic Planning Council. The operational committee considers all the matters related to procedural issues characterized by their role; it is a considerable part of governance structure. Palomar College contains subcommittee and Ad Hoc Committee addressing and making special recommendations of the definite subject. The college governing board is characterized by open access, as all the meetings are considered to be public representing reports, minutes, agendas, and some other work products developed by the governing committee. It is necessary to underline the idea that the governing structure evaluation is usually performed through planning councils and SPC contributing to the process and communicating the results of made evaluations. (Palomar Community College. 2009)


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