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Psychology Issues: Child Play Role Essay

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Updated: Apr 13th, 2020

Apart from lunch, recess is the most favorite time that kids love while in school. While the time for lunch would be unquestionably created, time for relaxation and breaks is rapidly diminishing. Some institutions recognize the importance of free time out of regular class lessons and thus giving it more time and value. Unfortunately, its negligence is being witnessed in several schools.

Playing is traditionally the most effective means for children to learn. Visual spur and stability are achieved in the games that children play. These benefits prove valuable in the future.

Everything that a child does plays a role in shaping the future and giving the satisfaction that books cannot afford. Striving to reach academic excellence is one of the reasons which has resulted in the shortening or prohibition of recess time. Some principals believe that recess time or concentrating in the arts may deprive a student time to give consideration to books.

The purpose of rest in clearing the mind cannot be measured. Conversations with friends and building team skills through games which involve groups enlighten a child on the necessary social skills. Several physical activities in recess keep kids healthy, thus helping reduce obesity cases in children. Physical activity and minor workouts like running and learning how to cycle give a character a positive outlook on life.

Experiences in the field lead to brain development and increase sharpness in children in a way that cannot be compared to school work. They may be more fascinated to read and understand more about topics they have physically observed while in recess. For example, if a child sees a dog while playing, the level of comprehension about how it barks or why it is manned best friend would be much higher in class than a student who has never seen one.

Several modules aspects can be incorporated in a single game. Learning to ride a bicycle gives lessons in math, physics, art, and even literature. Nurturing a kid to learn at an early age is unquestionably the best gift that can be received from a parent. Picture games can slowly introduce kids into difficult concepts in nature. For example, identifying how numbers total up or divide. Identifying animals engraved on cards with their habitat would easier remain in the child’s mind.

The fact that recess is not often homework acts as motivation for some kids to learn. The enjoyable learning activities interest them from the TV and computer and create a significant bond between the child and the teacher or parent. Children will always have the desire to learn, so long as they understand that learning is not only done in the classroom but anywhere they find themselves. Information on colors and shapes are easily comprehended. They will learn more by having fun and knowing that lessons surround them wherever they go.

Despite all the numerous advantages of recess, its time is being gradually decreased in several educational institutions. Its connection to academic success, health, and perfection of social behavior has been ignored. Children are now being prepared more for tests and how they can successfully move to the next grade.

More instruction time in class is devoted especially for children in schools with low-test scores. Denying scholars time for recess is now viewed as a form of punishment for substandard or mischievous students. After school hours, kids are seen to be occupied in piano or guitar lessons or passively watch a cartoon on TV and play computer games.

Development across the lifespan is often judged by the cognitive maturity and intellectual growth that an individual displays. Adults also practice some of these activities, recognizing their assistance in resolving challenges and providing a moral and conceptual understanding of society.

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