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A Classical Concert Analysis Essay

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Updated: Feb 27th, 2022

The performance under discussion took place in 2013, London, Royal Albert Hall (“BBC Proms 2013”). To emphasize the importance of the event, its meaningfulness, and create a holiday atmosphere, the organizers used specific decorations. The backstage was colored by using various lights, while the orchestra was sitting in the middle of the hall surrounded by viewers and listeners who came to admire multiple masterpieces performed by the players (“BBC Proms 2013”). The design is innovative but with classical elements to link the modern age with the music of the past. The hall is full of spectators, which means that such events are extremely popular with the audience. Looking at the video, it is possible to remember ancient amphitheaters with the stage in the center surrounded by people. This effect helps to become emotionally close to people and performers.

The video gives little attention to the audience as the orchestra is the main factor of interest. However, sometimes the camera shows people who came to the hall. Many people are dressed in accordance with the code presupposing suits and dresses. However, many visitors wear casual closes, which shows that the theater and such performances become closer to people, and they can feel relaxed when visiting such shows. The audience also represents various social statuses as there are people from the higher and middle class, which can also be determined by looking at their closes. Because of the peculiarities of the orchestra, listeners are of different ages as there are young, middle-aged, and elderly persons who came to listen to the masterpiece recognized by the world. The diversity in the audience shows that music attracts different people and inspires them.

Speaking about performers, several details should be admitted. They are all dressed officially following the specific code (“BBC Proms 2013”). There are suits with white shirts and dresses. The observation of the given style helps to view the orchestra as a single unit that acts together. There is also a strict hierarchy as the conductor, Philippe Jordan, is the main person on the stage. His movements and signs manage the orchestra and make them sound unique. At the same time, there is a certain hierarchy between performers as some of them sit closer or farther to the conductor. They look at the music text and at the leader at the same time to watch the changes in the mood and follow his directions strictly. They form a semicircle following the classic patterns peculiar to orchestras of the past.

The choice of the instruments is typical for the performers playing the classic musing. The camera focuses on various parts of the orchestra showing individuals with violins, cellos, drums, harps, trombones, flutes, and pianos. The given ensemble sounds aligned and coordinated, which is achieved by multiple repetitions and by the conductor’s work. The music is presented in a way that helps listeners to feel the progression. The sounds become more emotional and passionate when the orchestra moves from one part to another. The presented themes are supported by the explanations of a presenter who explains the meaning of a composition (“BBC Proms 2013”). This approach helps the audience to understand the background of the story presented by musicians and become more involved in the process, as the music becomes associated with particular events important for every person.

In general, the performance has a strong effect on the audience as everyone in the fall was pleased and affected by the perfect music. As for me, I also greatly appreciated it. The choice of the music, performance and the actions of the conductor contributed to creating a unique sound that triggered various emotions such as sadness, solemnity, passion, glory, and happiness. I think the combination of light, sound, visual appeal, and background of various parts works perfectly and triggers the needed feelings. The classical music with the modern surroundings look unusual and inspirational. There were also some classical concert rituals as the orchestra and the conductor thanked each other for the performance. I think it is a good sign of respect and recognition of the idea that they work together to create a unique show. I believe that every performer’s contribution is essential, and it is impossible to state that someone plays a more significant role.

In general, the video offers a perfect example of a classical concert. Although the performers are young, they are talented and produce the ideal sound which inspires the audience and triggers various emotions. I think that the suits and dresses of the members of the orchestra help to create the complete image of this group and make people recognize them seriously. At the same time, the placement of performers, the use of light, and decorations, along with the commentaries from the presenter, help to be involved and follow every movement of the conductor. Such shows are critically important for the popularization of classical music and it’s becoming one of the integral parts of the modern world.

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