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Advertisement and Tourism Industry Research Paper

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Updated: Jul 12th, 2021

Advertisement signifies the practice that is established to disseminate information in an effort to draw a wide range of customers and increase the generated revenue. Target audiences for this paper are tourists who will travel attributable to ads influencing their destination. The ministry of tourism will be the greatest beneficiary of this research as they will see the influence of advertisements on the industry. Some companies in the tourism sector are mistaken to believe that it would be beneficial to lessen their expenses on advertisement for increased profitability. However, such a reduction usually provides temporary savings but eventually result in the continued loss of market share. The Incredible India crusade promoted the cultural aspects and tourist attraction sites in the country in an implausible way. Advertisements in the crusade assisted in the generation of a colorful portrayal of the nation in the minds of tourists internationally. It resulted in the direct rise of interest among tourists and increased income (Latif, Islam, Noor, Mohamad, & Kongsompong, 2016). The main objective of advertisements in the tourism industry is to increase awareness.

This research will focus on tourism and the influence of advertisements because they play a vital role in ensuring the continued success of the industry. This research paper will focus on the question: How effective are ads in the tourism industry? The world is presently advertisement and media-propelled (Muñoz-Leiva, Liébana-Cabanillas, & Hernández-Méndez, 2018). All organizations and establishments in the tourism industry, such as museums, game parks, hotels, and airlines, should enhance their advertisement strategies to facilitate their success. The ultimate aim of promotion and advertisements is to control human behavior, motivate, and influence demand.

Advertisements have a crucial role in the social and economic facets of the tourism industry. For instance, they promote the attraction of customers to new experiences, destinations, services, and products that they previously either did not know about or did not make them feel fascinated. Therefore, advertisements persuade customers to travel to new destinations or portray products convincingly different while inviting brand preference. This makes some customers change their appeal for a given destination or alter their choice of accommodation in a given area (Muñoz-Leiva et al., 2018). Moreover, advertisements remind potential clients regarding a destination or experience. Successful marketers should observe tourist sites from the customers’ perspective and alter their position to create relationships with clients anchored in trust.

Descriptive research is a technique that defines the attributes of the population or study phenomena while focusing on questions of what instead of why. Exploratory research is a method followed for problems that have not been understood clearly and are meant to determine priorities, expand operational descriptions, and strengthen the ultimate study plan (Lefley, 2016). Evaluation research denotes the objective of the study rather than a particular method. In this paper, I have chosen the evaluation approach because it provides a logical examination of the significance or value of time, resources, and effort to realize the set aim. This form of research is employed in the determination of the effect of social interventions.

This research paper aims to assess the impact of advertisements on tourists’ constant attraction to different destinations and the level of their continued visit. The researcher will employ the potency of advertisements to enlighten the ministry of tourism (Lefley, 2016). Given the impact of ads, the researcher will undertake an analysis to evaluate their effects on the profitability and success of tourist sites.


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