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Advocacy Plan Essay

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Updated: May 3rd, 2019

Target Audience

For students studying in small communities of Ashland, in Mississippi, library is an indispensable tool for education. It is important for students to have instant access to library resources for conducting scientific researches. Therefore, students should be assured that they will get the books and services needed in time.

The library has a perfect match for its services and timely operations towards the students and plays a pivotal role in school. It is preferable for students to have an access library services on a 24 hour basis. In such pursuit, urgent need for implementing an online service that allows an all the time access to library books, and log in at any time for research and various studies is of high importance.

Due to the fact that the main mission of the school is sustaining and increasing collaboration between teachers, students, and parents, meeting students’ needs should be a priority for the administrative stuff.

Advocacy Plan Goals

Goal 1: The program on improving academic standards will be based on encouraging student learning through higher order thinking

With regard to the situation in library, one of the methods to meet the academic standards is to introduce students to media applications promoting better utilization of the material.

According to Prasher (1997), that main aspect of library school program should be based on “extending the existing body of factual knowledge concerning the values and procedures of libraries in their many aspects, and including the development of methods of investigation whereby significant data are obtained, tested and applied” (p. 190).

In this regard, students should be ensured that all plans are directed at improving the quality of library service through increasing the academic standards.

Goal 2 Directing the library resources on developing academic, career, and social skills in students to enhance their abilities to participate in class activities and learn defined outcomes

Librarians should constantly provide care and support to students. Greater responsiveness and active participation in students’ research will greatly contribute to their better understanding of some academic problems.

Goal 3: Technology is an inherent part of library media program of Ashland Middle School

Such goal can be achieved through the implementation of online access to libraries. Students who have computers in their rooms would be able to access books online.

Stock of books at a time is readily known, as the staff is able to identify borrowed books and submission of the books back the library. In order to simplify the search of books in library, it is possible to create online archives fostering the process of searching.

Activities for Advocacy

Activity 1:

In Friedman (1987), to achieve the goal of having an online library service in the University, several activities should be put in place. The department of ICT and Computing would consult, organize themselves, and design an online library system.

The project would run for duration and when it is finished, it will be tried on several occasions. Library staff, administration, and students should fully participate in the implementation of the system.

Activity 2:

Libraries in higher learning institutions are extremely beneficial to the entire school staff. There are superb collections of all sorts of books that help achieve academic excellence. In this regard, it is necessary to work out specific activities stimulating and increasing librarians’ participation in students’ academic process.

In particular, it is purposeful to establish certain academic criteria and requirements for librarians, such as ethical code of conduct and ethical standards. In addition, cross-cultural aspects should also be involved.

Activity 3:

There exists continued technological advancement in library services. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce specific training courses that would contribute to students’ quick adjustment to the ongoing changes. It is necessary to introduce specific rule disclosing the main stages of successful search for books via the online library catalogue.

Marketing Ideas for the Activities

In-house marketing

The technology introduction will be supported by the installation of necessary hardware and software as well as explanation of the basic functions this equipment entails.

The training programs for the library stuff will contribute to students’ better adjustment to using the resources of library. During orientation, new students should be trained as well to have a full comprehension of all technological introductions. Therefore, the marketing needs should also involve training courses (Miller, Pride, and Fisher 2006).

The media specialists will provide students with library e-mail that will serve to accept any students’ requests concerning suggestions for improving services and staff qualification.

Outreached marketing

In order to engage the service providers, it is necessary to connect with Internet providers who can ensure students with good online access to library catalogue. Besides, some protection measures should be introduced to enhance safety and security as well as the protection of the intellectual property of the school. For this measure it is necessary to address the School Board to provide financial support.

In order to promote specific training courses, it is also necessary to conduct a marketing survey to reconcile students’ needs with the financial resources possessed by the School Board.

Reference List

Friedman, J. (1987). Planning in the public domain: from knowledge to action. London: Princeton University Press.

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