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Altered State of Mind Essay


The modern lifestyle has made the Americans to simply find a middle ground for adaptation as the modern inventions become complex each day. Although majority members of the society can be considered relatively normal, they have to live within an altered state of mind, which programs the mind to unconsciously slip, while protecting its autonomy to selection of the kind of information to keep, irrespective of the number of times of interaction with the stimuli.

When the mind is faced with innovations such the internet, television, and shopping experience, it will transition into a distorted state to protect itself from the unnecessary information storage.

Internet and altered state

In the internet age, a computer user may quickly get engrossed in surfing and even forget the primary reason for browsing the internet. Before such an individual realize, he or she has spent several hours immense in search, research, and entertainment from the tone of information easily accessible. For instance, a prolonged online chart may create an imagination of transition from the virtual (unreal) world to a real world.

Actually, despite the several hours spent online charting, the mind may not remember the conversations after a short while as a result of its selective mechanism of transitional information engagement. As a result of the complete engrossment in the online engagement, an individual may lose touch with the reality and will not be in a position to track time usage and the information gathered.

Television and altered state

Television viewing has become a culture and part of everyday activity of a typical American. It is found in every household and it has replaced the formed form of engagement enjoyed by the yesterday generation. It is a common phenomenon for an individual sit inactively for several hours watching different programs and commercials. Since it is unusual for the mind, it will transit into a mesmerizing daydream.

At this state, the mind may only function as a centre for temporary holding information, which is quickly let to pass without having to occupy a space in the imagination module. Such an individual will be able to hear sounds and sight visuals in the programs without having the capacity to remember what happens after a short while. For instance, an individual may watch the same commercial everyday but will never recall the words or actions of the actors simply because the mind goes into trance every time the visual images and sounds replay.

Shopping and altered state

In the typical shopping experience, especially in the modern malls, different stimuli such as smell, colour, texture, and sound interact to barrage the mind as each element compete to gain the centre of attention of the shopper.

As a result of the dazing experience, the shopper’s imagination may be clouded and made to feel like wading through a mysterious maze that does not have its beginning or end. As a result, everything will appear similar and a sense of confusion may stream in. In this state of confusion, the person will forget what he or she wanted to buy, especially within the preconceived shopping plan.


Apparently, individuals browsing the internet, watching TV, and shopping in a mall share a similar behaviour in trying to put up with the mind-boggling contraptions of the contemporary life. Actually, the adaptation phase has instigated a self defence mechanism in the mind through passive response to the stimuli generated by these inventions.

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Jocelynn Lester studied at the University of Tulsa, USA, with average GPA 3.37 out of 4.0.

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