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Assimilation: Immigrants in the USA Essay


The article in question dwells upon assimilation of immigrants and people’s attitude towards it. Jacoby (2009) reveals some facts concerning the rate of immigrants. The author notes that the rate of newcomers decreased compared to previous decades. However, the rate of population of immigrants and their families is increasing.

The author notes that major ethnic groups are Hispanic and Asian. The author also states that this population is diverse in terms of their education, skills and income. Thus, the author stresses the importance of addressing issues concerning multiculturalism. The author focuses on the issues concerning assimilation.

Jacoby (2009) claims that most Americans (as well as some new immigrants) think that immigrants should be assimilated to fit in the American society while immigrants’ children and many immigrants oppose assimilation which is seen as certain type of cultural “genocide” (as cited in Jacoby, 2009, p. 514).

It is necessary to note that the author reveals his arguments logically and clearly. The author’s logos and ethos are appealing. However, Jacoby (2009) does not support the arguments with specific facts and numbers. The author does not refer to surveys or research, which makes the arguments less plausible.

Clear Presentation of Arguments

As has been mentioned above, the arguments are presented in a logical form. The author moves from general to specific. Jacoby (2009) starts with presenting facts concerning the number of immigrants and the changes in demographics of the US society. Thus, the importance of the issue is justified.

The author starts considering the way immigrants and their children see themselves and the way they are seen by white Americans. It is necessary to note that the intended audience is very wide and the article addresses all stakeholders involved. Irrespective of education, income, cultural background and ethnicity, everyone living in the USA will find something for himself/herself.

It is a very advantageous tool, to use a real story. Thus, the author exploits the story of Eddie Liu who was two when his parents moved to the USA (Jacoby, 2009). He attended a school in California and he also graduated from a college. The author notes that Eddie took a course in American culture and he knows a lot about the American life.

Nonetheless, Eddie does not feel comfortable while talking about assimilation which is quite a difficult notion to understand and accept for him. Jacoby (2009) notes that Eddie is certain kind of representation of the way many immigrants’ children and immigrants think about assimilation.

Remaining Gaps in Representation

Admittedly, a real life story is very appealing. It is also a good way to support an argument. However, one tool is not enough to make the article more factual and more plausible. It is possible to note that the article reveals the author’s opinion which may not be supported by facts. Jacoby (2009) does not present clear facts and numbers.

While describing the US demographics he uses approximate data. Jacoby (2009, p. 510) mentions that immigrants with their children “account for more than 60 million people, or a fifth of all US residents” and by 2050 “a third of all Americans” may be “either Asian or Latino”. These numbers are too rough and there is no reference to the sources of such data. Therefore, it is possible to state that the article present the author’s opinion on the matter which is not supported by specific data.


To sum up, it is necessary to state that the article is appealing and it makes people think of a really important issue, i.e. the life in the contemporary USA. However, the author does not provide specific data to support his arguments which makes the article an opinion one.

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