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Study of Asthma Essay

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Asthma is one of the endemic diseases in the US and developing countries. Although asthma affects individuals of all ages, infants and teenagers are more susceptible to it than adults. Asthma is a respiratory disorder that causes inflammation of the respiratory system.

Some of its common symptoms include breathing difficulties, chronic coughs, and chest pains. Asthma is one of the major factors that hinder children from attending school regularly. It also causes sleeping difficulties in children. This essay discusses the measures that can be taken to mitigate environmental causes of asthma.

Ecological Causes of Asthma

There are many factors that cause asthmatic conditions. However, environmental degradation is the primary cause of asthma in children. Generally, children inhale more air, consume more food, and imbibe more fluid than adults.

They also have a weak respiratory system and immunity compared to adults. Children can be exposed to several ecological hazards at home and school. Thus, they are more vulnerable to environmental causes of asthma than adults are.

Children exposed to the following environmental hazards can develop asthmatic conditions. There is a considerable proof that environmental hazards such as viruses and allergens can cause asthma.

“Indoor airborne allergens are often produced by house dust mines, cockroaches, and animal fur”. Smoking of cigarettes in poorly ventilated houses can cause asthma. Furthermore, outdoor air toxins such as ozone, allergens, and smouldering firewood can cause asthmatic conditions.

Control of Environmental Asthma in the US

In the US, the government has developed a comprehensive strategy to mitigate environmental causes of asthmatic conditions in children. This strategy encompasses various interventions aimed at ensuring that children are safe from environmental hazards that cause asthma.

The government has been funding research activities aimed at finding out the major causes of asthma. Through research activities, the government has developed comprehensive measures to mitigate environmental hazards. For instance, public institutions, social amenities, and residential properties must be properly constructed and maintained to reduce environmental hazards such as air pollution and allergens.

Smoking in public is prohibited by the government to prevent unnecessary air pollution. Moreover, public health officials in the US have introduced community health based programmes aimed at creating awareness on the ecological causes of asthma.

This project involves educating local communities on the importance of sanitation in residential areas. For instance, parents have been advised to ensure that their children play in environmentally safe places. In addition, parents have been advised not to smoke indoors.

Recommendations to Reduce Asthma Globally

Current research findings in the US indicate that prevalence of asthma has reduced significantly due to proper implementation of community based asthma eradication programs. Consequently, other countries should develop clear-cut strategies to mitigate prevalence of asthma.

Environmental degradation can be mitigated through enactment and implementation of stringent laws. For instance, smoking should not be allowed in public because it leads to air pollution. Moreover, community based programs should be introduced to create awareness on causes of asthma.

Such campaigns can mitigate the prevalence of asthma in the world. Nonetheless, asthma eradication projects may require many resources. This challenge can be overcome through fund raising initiatives.


This essay has revealed that asthma is a serious health challenge in many countries due to environmental degradation. Nonetheless, prevalence of asthma can be mitigated through reduction of environmental pollution.


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