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Atlas Automation Company Analysis Report

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Updated: Jun 19th, 2020

Working in a food industry, which is the target market in the specified case, means dealing with a range of processes, from manufacturing to packaging, which presupposes that an introduction of an efficient control system is required. At this point, the services concerning the integration of control systems in the food and drinks industry factor in. It is crucial for a company in the food and beverage industry to take control of its key processes and deliver products timely (OECD 16).

Since in food and beverage industry, a lot of energy is required for carrying out basic cooking processes, particularly, heating the food, not to mention the fact that most products must be stored under the room temperature. Therefore, for a company providing its customers with food and drinks, it is imperative to be equipped with the latest appliances allowing for the safety of its products and exploring the existing energy-saving options.

As a company that does not have a well-defined reputation in the target market yet, Atlas needs to make the first successful step in conquering the latter. Attracting potential customers is an essential element of promoting the company; therefore, Atlas must view its current customers as extremely valuable. Despite Visy’s dubious past, Atlas still must work with it so that the company could have a positive score on its record and prove the target customers that the organization is capable of approaching a business problem on a professional level, without any bias and prejudices concerning the dubious past of the customer (McDonald 188).

To be more specific, the case of Visy and Amcor needs to be brought up. According to the details of the case, Visy was involved in a financial fraud with Amcor that was related to the accounting processes within the companies. Working in the cardboard production industry, the companies in question managed to conjure a price-fixing scam, which resulted in a major scandal with a resulting court case and the accusation of Visa in financial fraud complicity (Zabihollah and Riley 67).

It should be born in mind, though, that Visy was considered Amcor’s associate and charged for a smaller amount of money that its partner in crime was. According to the court decision, Visy was supposed to pay only one-third of the sum that the two companies were charged with. Nevertheless, it is obvious that Visa has stained its reputation with a price-fixing case.

Therefore, when considering Visy as a customer, one must examine the possible consequences of making a deal with a company that has a dubious past. Since the organization is known for being involved in a price-fixing scam, there is a possibility that its members are going to deceive its future partners once again for the sake of a quick and easy gain (Christensen, Cortell and Baker 22).

However, it could be argued that Visa’s record does not define its future choices. Seeing that the company has recently recovered from a hiatus caused by the Visy and Amcor case, it is reasonable to suggest that the company is seeking ways to improve its current reputation, as well as gain a financial profit. Hence, Visy can be trusted as a business partner; it is completely possible that the organization is willing to turn a new page in its development and gain a better reputation in the target market.

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