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Business Insourcing Research Paper

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Updated: Dec 26th, 2019

Business Insourcing

In the business world, it is critical to make strategic human resource decisions that substitutes outsourcing of labor. Reflectively, in-sourcing is the process of adding or building new units within a business with an intention of importing or using local labor that could have been outsourced. Thus, this reflective treatise attempts to explicitly review the advantages and disadvantages to insourcing in United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), and United Arabs Emirates (UAE).

Countries that Insource

Due to the rapid growth in the economies of the US, UK, and UAE, insourcing has been necessary to maintain the required skills in the technical disciplines such as information technology and mechanics. For instance, in the last four years, many companies such as Google and Dell have continued to insource IT experts from Asia to correct their imbalance in the programming department.

In UK, Tesco Company has insourcing their supply chain which was based in America. In the UAE, the government has been active in insourcing labor in their numerous projects that require skilled labor from other parts of Asia, Africa, and the United States. The main reasons for insourcing to these countries include demand for special skills, inability of the local economy to provide enough labor, and expansion opportunities in doing business.

Benefits of Insourcing to these Countries

Cost reduction and improvement of service benefits is the main advantage of insourcing. As a result, there is direct reduction in operating costs. The second advantage of insourcing is an improvement of service delivery. One of the research surveys included in this dissertation had most of the respondents supporting this advantage although the others favored cost reduction.

This in turn has a positive effect on the time taken to offer a certain service, or transaction between the businesses, and their customers. Thus, insourcing some activities would facilitate the establishment of customer care units to facilitate effective communication within the proximity of the market.

In addition, insourcing of some of the non-core activities within the retail companies provides considerable benefit from concentrating on the core activities that ensures competence (Tulenko & Garrett 2012). Core functions are the major activities that these businesses should handle in a very sensitive manner. On the other hand, non-core functions tend to be less sensitive to businesses although still important.

Fortunately, the growth of IT insourcing in most parts of the world has relieved businesses of the burden of handling these non-core activities from outside the country of their locations. Insourcing companies handle these non-core functions, whereas businesses have a mandate to meet the requirements of core functions.

As a result, core competence results from a business’ ability to focus properly on these core activities to create perfection in this field. Generally, insourcing has other benefits such as complementing the absence of highly skilled experts. Insourcing offers solution to the inadequacy of highly skilled labor. In addition insourcing may improve a company’s reputation as well as winning the customers’ loyalty.

Demerits of Insourcing in these Countries

The detrimental effect to the local country’s development and economic status that is outsourcing is often negative. The outsourcing governments would lose considerable taxes if only the foreign countries were to carry out insourcing services. The outsourcing government cannot claim revenue on taxation because this benefit ends up with the foreign country that insources.

In addition, there is great concern regarding the rate of unemployment of local countries that outsourcing some activities to the insourcing countries. The situation became even more critical when developed countries compose the insourcing team.

There is loss of control in running an international business in other countries because retailers tend to leave the insourcing company in control. Unfortunately, some of the policies for insourcing may be untrustworthy; hence, there is fear toward company failure when a third party fails to deliver as agreed in the insourcing contract.

Sometimes insourcing may prove hectic in times when there is a boom period. The number of customers, depending on the service insourced, may be overwhelming, which may lead to slow response. This may turn to a frustrating moment for clients hence losing the loyalty given to a company.

Another disadvantage of insourcing emanates from the language barrier between the retailers and the service vendors involved. This often creates misunderstanding between parties in the process. Mostly, this results from offshore insourcing. This is likely to create a communication breakdown that makes transactions impossible. As a result, there is a decrease in product sales and the market share.

Last, insourcing contracts are likely to terminate immaturely because of misunderstanding between retailers and the service contractors that had earlier adopted the outsourcing option. Some insourcing services fail to meet the business and customers’ expectations that result to irritation among them (Needham 2010). The businesses may end up losing customers because of poor insourcing services.

Companies that Insource in the US

The notable companies that insource in the US include the EADS North America and Beech-Nut Nutrition Corporation that are foreign based but with active presence in America. These companies have taken back jobs to the United States (Insourcing Companies in the US 2013). Specifically, the Beech-Nut Nutrition Corporation took back 500 jobs to American in 2010.

Conclusively, insourcing in businesses is aimed at reducing transport costs, taxes, and ensuring efficiency in running the ventures.


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