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Concept of Six Competencies in Organization Report

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Competency in an organization is the ability to maintain a coordinated deployment of resources in an attempt to achieve the organizational goals. Managerial competency refers to a set of knowledge, behavior, attributes, and skills that a manager needs to posses so as to be effective in varied positions in different organizations.

Managerial competence can be achieved through developmental experiences at work; this will enable a manger to become a successful leader and be able to address his/her personal weakness. An organization needs managers who are competent in order to effectively utilize the available human resources.

Since globalization deregulation has taken place in many areas, it is necessary for companies to restructure their management so as to be able to survive as new competitors continue to come into the business. The complexity of running a business always requires knowledge and skills, this call for every manager to be competent (Hartley 34).

Managerial competency is a way by which companies gain high performance by developing systematic and sustainable competitive advantage in a structural manner. Managerial competency incorporates organizational, economic, and behavioral concerns in a dynamic and systematic framework (Hellriegel, Jackson, Susan, and Slocum 42).

Competence based approach presents six competencies. These competencies can be used by organizations to achieve organizational goals effectively. They include; strategic action, self-management, planning and administration, global awareness, teamwork, and communication. The six competencies are developed by managers in all types of organizations (Al-Kahtani 44).

Managerial competencies are all aspects of life. In order for managerial competency to be effective, it is necessary for a company to be able to implement teamwork competency, communication competency and multicultural competency. Strategic actions must be taken in the process of planning and administration.

Competency-based approach helps managers understand and improve their management ability to foster organization growth. Competence-based management also equips learners with confidence and skills to achieve management competence in their future careers (Hellriegel et al 34).

Competence-based management blends theory and applications with innovation. For example, self-assessment helps learners to understand and develop their management potential; this leads to a more successful career later in life. For learners who wish to become better managers in their careers, the six managerial competencies are necessary in order for one to develop the necessary skills (Al-Kahtani 44).

Integrated Self-assessment helps them to analyze and develop their own management potential for the success of their future careers. Managerial competence enables learners to compare their skills with other learners or professionals. Managerial competences are implemented by managers as they address the day-to-day functions of managing and leading the company (Hartley 34).

Forcing the employees to work by threatening them with job loss or loss of personal interest short charges both employees and the organization. The best method is to analyze the job and fit the workers according to their talents; this enables organizational goals to be achieved effectively and efficiently.

Competency-based human resource management illustrates how to reformulate the human resource department. It ensures that the foundation for all human resource efforts is job competencies as opposed to job descriptions. It is necessary for human resource professionals to be able to identify the best performers from average performers and use them as the basis for human resource functions (Al-Kahtani 44).

This performance management model gives powers to excellent performers in all job categories. As a result, competency-based human resource management enhances employee satisfaction; this increases productivity significantly (Al-Kahtani 44). Competence-based management provides a variety of tools for planning, checklists, and worksheets. It also gives practical methods to help human resource professionals change from work based environment to a foundation for human resource management based on competency.

In this era of rapid communication due to the growth in technology, mangers are faced with urgent decisions to make. Companies must adopt new structures and master new skills in order to survive and compete effectively. It is evident that individual effort no longer has much effect; this is as a result of the complexity of the organization that has come with increased numbers of interpersonal interactions.

It is thus necessary for organizations to look at the option of group effort. The grouping of workers into teams has become a vital strategy in many companies. Team building is significant in an effort to build, support, and improve the effectiveness of small, informal groups at the work place. Team building improves the effectiveness of a group by focusing on: deciding on means and methods, setting goals and priorities, exploring the quality of working relationships, and analyzing how the group works (Al-Kahtani 44).


The six competencies have their strengths and weaknesses. No single employee can have all of the six competencies as strengths. However, individuals should work hard so as to improve their skills through these competencies. Communication competency is about the types of communications carried out in an organization.

Communication competency describes how managers communicate to individuals. Team competency is about the effectiveness of team building strategy in an organization. Planning and administration competency is about how managers should plan, it focuses on the benefits of planning and administration to an organization. Self-management includes the good, ethical behaviors and moral standards.

Global awareness involves conducting research so as to be aware of what is happening around the word, it enables managers to scan the environment and notice new opportunities. It also helps managers to be able to notice the actions of a competitor. Global awareness enables managers to have an open mind about other people’s culture.

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