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Consumer Behavior and Motivation Essay

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Updated: Mar 24th, 2021

Explain how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs works in detail. What type of needs did Hyundai target?

The need can be defined as physical or psychological scarcity. The needs encourage individuals to action. According to Maslow, the need that stays higher in the hierarchy can be fulfilled only when the lower needs are satisfied. In this way, the need for self-realization, self-esteem, belonging can be fulfilled in case the physical needs and needs for safety are met. In this way, the needs may be regarded as the motivational factors for the formation of human behavior.

Hyundai Motor Company targets the human needs that are placed on the top of the hierarchy – esteem and self-realization. A car purchase is not a fundamental need; it is rather associated with psychological fulfillment and convenience. Hyundai’s Brand is focused on “emotional elegance” (“Brand Slogan” par. 3). Therefore, the company targets consumers’ non-physical demands.

Distinguish between low-involvement and high-involvement buying decisions. Give an example for each of them

The level of involvement is defined by the level of individual’s interest (Tanner and Raymond 95). The concept of involvement in buying decisions is related to the consumer’s behavior while the product is irrelevant to it. The low-involvement decisions are those that do not require a difficult or extensive thinking process from the individual. The routine and daily purchases are characterized by a low level of involvement: food, stationary, and toiletry. However, buying the same items may be regarded as high-involvement purchasing in case a person has a strong determination for it, or when he/she decided to buy a product through the process of critical thinking.

Explain in detail what marketing professionals can do to make situational factors work to their advantage

The situational or physical factors are related to the facility location, design, and layout. Physical factors such as temperature, light, atmosphere, etc. also influence human behavior to a large extent (Tanner and Raymond 73). marketing professionals may encourage consumers’ spending by creating a favorable climate and conditions in the stores. It is also important to pay attention to the layouts because a consumer may purchase more goods while wandering around the shop.

Why do culture, subculture, social class, and family affect buying behavior? Explain in detail

Each culture has its complex needs and commonly accepted norms that influence the behaviors of the community members. The needs and social norms may be regarded as the main motivational factors that inevitably influence buying behavior. The macro- (society as a whole) or micro-social (family, subculture, etc.) values are perceived by individuals from early childhood. Since the cultural values differ from culture to culture, some products will be more popular in one society and less demanded in another. For the increase of the marketing strategy efficiency, the professionals need to consider various cultural and social preferences of consumers and research multiple cultural factors. It is especially important for international marketing specialists.

Define subliminal advertising. Do you believe that companies’ attempts to implant subliminal messages in their advertising are deceptive practices and unethical

Subliminal advertising techniques promote the products while the recipients are not aware that they receive the advertising messages (“Subliminal Advertising” par. 1). The companies may place the photos or ads in the movies or videos for a few milliseconds, and the audience may even not realize it. The effectiveness of the given technique is controversial because people perceive information in different ways, and its influence on the consumers’ behavior wasn’t proved scientifically. Based on this, subliminal advertising can hardly be regarded as deceptive. Nevertheless, by advertising the products openly a company shows more respect to its customers by addressing them as conscious and smart individuals who make their buying decisions and choices in a reasonable and aware manner.

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