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Controlling Stress and Tension Research Paper

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Updated: Jul 4th, 2018

There are many definitions of stress created by medics, psychologist, and counselors but none of them has come up with a concrete definition because stress consists of many things and also it is varies according to the environment.

Stress can be emotional or physical: Emotional stress happens when people are faced with challenging situations in their life such as loss of someone, unemployment, making critical decisions among others. Physical stress is usually due to emotional stress causing headaches, stomach aches, cramps, joints pain among other physical pain.

Stress management involves controlling stress levels and effects by reducing the tension that comes with stress. In dealing with stress one has to identify the source of it; after identifying the problem the best option to take as a first measure is to take a short break from it but not avoid it because that would be no solution.

Most of the causes of stress are issues that we can not avoid or escape: for example grief; the person wonโ€™t come back, Bills must be paid, books must be read, diseases can not be completely avoided, and relationships too are unavoidable and so are disagreements. The best solution therefore would be to find a solution to the tension that these issues cause.

One of the best ways is to exercise regularly so as to burn the excess energy in the body brought about by stress. Stress is excessive energy produced by our organs in response to compromising situations, this energy leads to increased respiration, blood pressure, tension in the muscles, dilated pupils and increased sugar levels.

It is therefore advisable to burn up this energy so as minimize it and Exercise also diverts the mind from the particular issue causing tension. Another way to handle stress is by sleeping; this helps to refreshes the body and also causes relaxation. A person suffering stress should sleep earlier than usual but not excessively. People with stress should also have short afternoon naps; they assist the mind to function better.

Another strategy would be to relax although not asleep; one should just sit by the fire side or near a lake or pool and meditate. This slows respiration rates, blood pressure and the muscles also relax. A person suffering from stress should avoid caffeine completely since it is a stimulant that will provide more energy to the tension hence elevating stress moreover caffeine is easy to give up because it is not highly addictive.

Reducing caffeine brings relaxation, less heartburn and one also sleeps better. Humor is also an effective way to handle stress because it releases tension by burning up excessive energy. People should also ensure that they eat well a balanced diet because many people often get malnourished when they are stressed (Bower & Segerstrom, 2004).

There also psychological issues that cause stress and by solving them stress can be completely avoided. Such issues are; common beliefs and life expectations that characterize the societies we live in. For example men believe that they should not show emotions because they will be considered weak.

This belief makes many of them to suffer in emotional stress since they cannot consult any one for help. If men would stop and think about their well being rather that their ego then they would not have to suffer stress. Another issue is the expectations we have concerning the society and our personal life.

Many people have dreams but some are unrealistic and they stick to them only to get disappointed by the reality of life. It is therefore advisable to set realistic and achievable goals that are within our reach to avoid disappointments that often lead to stress.

People should also embrace problem solving strategies so that when they are faced with conflict they can be able to solve the issue instead of letting it to build up tension in the body. There are many ways of stress management depending on the cause of the tension, the level, the environment and the available resources but those that are mentioned above are general and therefore apply to people of all kind (Gordon, 2000).

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