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Criminal Law: Child Protection from Pornography and Labor Report


The problems facing the children internationally include internet child pornography and child labor. These are problems widespread across the globe because of abating of the vices by government officials of various states and instability of various policy frameworks set by the governments.

Also, the social malpractices like bribery have also led to the laxity in dealing with the menace. There is a need for the involvement of the community and organization of goodwill, in the alleviation of poverty and suffering of children. This owes to the fact that poverty is the root cause of child abuse.

Internet child pornography

The internet is a virtual platform for the predation of children by the unscrupulous people. The people who propagate this vice act illegally, given that it is hard to apprehend them legally. This owes to the fact that different countries have their jurisdictions and internet space. This makes it difficult for identifying, arresting, and prosecution of these criminals. Moreover, not every nation is a signatory to the international internet protocol pact.

Therefore, some countries allow the practice in their jurisdiction. Sanderson (2007, 23) posits that lack of funding also contributes to the low legal response to this vice. This aggravates the situation because the legal practitioners, who ought to investigate the suspects, accept bribes, and let the suspects go unpunished.

Child labor

This is the forced working of children at attender age, usually between the age of 5 and 14 years. This arises from the low financial status of families. This is because their parents forcefully bond some children because they have no power to object. Furthermore, young children may not be aware of the problem until later in life. This practice denies the children the chance of attending school; hence, they grow as illiterates.

This affects every aspect of their lives, including their financial stability. The practice is usually concealed. Hence it becomes difficult for the policy enforcers to crack down on the propagators of these criminals. Hugh (2009, 35) posits that the consent of the parents of the children to the vice aggravates the situation. However, financial instability is the overriding causal problem. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all governments to boost the economic and financial welfare of its citizenry to avert the vice.

Children can also be abducted and subjected to forced labor by the abductors. The children are compelled to work in adverse conditions detrimental to their health and safety. The children are also denied freedom of expression to suppress complaints from the children. Indeed, they are also denied the freedom of movement, given that they may escape (Chris, 2007, 51). This makes the children afraid and traumatized; hence; they are forever victims of circumstance. They do not receive any compensation for the services they offer.

Remedial measures for Internet child pornography

There is a remedy to the vice of internet child pornography. Governments ought to liaise in curbing this vice. This can be done through harmonizing of policies of various governments about internet misuse. The sites that provide child pornography need to be banned from the operation and heavy fines charged.

Also, the parents of children should teach, guide, and counsel their children on the virtues of life and the negative impacts of watching such pornographic videos online. This will enlighten the children of the immorality of indulging in the practice. The government also ought to create laws prohibiting the practice and provision of severe penalties for committing and abating the practice.

Corporate Social Responsibility in the International education center

This is an international organization, which provides education to children across the globe. It has branches all over the world. The organization embraces the aspect of corporate social responsibility because of the vitality of the practice. This responsibility is implied for every organization. Its practice leads to goodwill from the members of society and assures of the going concern of the organization because of the many benefits derived from the initiative.

This institution carries out a free educational program for all the street children around its locations in the world. This affords the street children an opportunity to access literacy and intellectual development. Furthermore, the education obtained opens all avenues of the lives of these children, including financial breakthroughs. This lowers the crime rate in such towns, given that street children grow up to be robbers and burglars (Hugh, 2009, 43). In this regard, society benefits from this corporate social responsibility of the institution.

Ways of making child welfare projects successful

There are many ways in which children can be assisted to overcome their predicaments. First is the creation of non-governmental organizations to clamor for adherence to child rights. These initiatives also advocate for the ban of all social evils done to children, including child labor.

According to Farquhar (2008, 67), these organizations will spearhead the restoration of fair treatment of children across the globe. The creation of many needy children centers will provide a safe place for vulnerable children. This will reduce the numbers of cases of child mistreatment and abuse.

Ways of Improving We Care organization

We Care initiative can be improved through sufficient funding, which will enable the meeting of the divergent needs of children from all occupations. In this regard, parents and other people will bring the children to the organization for rehabilitation and intellectual development.

The donation of various goodies like learning materials, food, and other learning paraphernalia necessities will make We Care organization a better place for all and sundry. The organization can also be improved through the use of corporate social responsibility aspect. This will create awareness to the community regarding the agenda of the organization.


There is a need for a concerted effort in ensuring the welfare of all children across the globe. The synergistic approach will eliminate the mistreatment of children and the propagation of immoral practices like internet child pornography and child labor. Internet child pornography can be eliminated through the collective ban of the practice among all nations across the globe. This will be possible through the constitutional amendments to accommodate the ban of internet child pornography.

Child labor can also be curbed through full implementation of the child rights. This will help in the apprehension of the people who take part in child abuse. Organizations can help children through complying with the corporate social responsibilities. Helping the needy and vulnerable children will earn the organizations the reputation of the society because of the support given the children.


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