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Designing for Bentley Exhibition Research Paper

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Updated: Aug 26th, 2020

One of the leaders within the world’s automotive industry, Bentley Motors is notable for its history and present-day activities. For a long time, the company has been introducing new products. In this paper, the brief history of Bentley, its key car models and their peculiarities, exhibitions organization, and the most popular car models in the United Arab Emirates are examined.

The history of the company began in 1919 in Great Britain, and W.O. Bentley was its founder (Parissien, 2013). From the first moment, Bentley presented itself as the brand that draws attention to both luxury and performance. Initially, the company was interested in selling DFP cars, but later on, there was a shift to the production of unique models. The Le Mans victory was one of the first indicators of success. Rolls-Royce and Vickers are the former owners of the company, and currently, Bentley is the subsidiary of Volkswagen (Parissien, 2013).

Today, Bentley boasts a wide range of car models of different dimensions and other characteristics (Bentley Motors, n.d.).

Model Kerb Weight Fuel Tank Capacity Overall Length Width with Folded Mirrors Track Front/Rear Boot volume (space efficiency)
Mulsanne 2685 kg 96 liters 5575 mm 1926 mm 1605 mm 443 liters
Flying Spur 2475 kg 90 liters 5299 mm 1984 mm Not given 475 liters
Continental 2320 kg 90 liters 4807 mm 1947 mm Not given 358 liters
Bentayga 2440 kg 85 liters 5141 mm 1998 mm Not given 431 liters

As for the design and the aesthetic appeal, the company continues its approach towards luxury and performance as the core components and regularly emphasizes them. The new products and the events associated with the presentation of the cars are characterized by the “extraordinary new heights” which means that consumers are to be pleasantly surprised with the quality of the models (Bentley Motors, 2016, para. 1). To put it shortly, Bentley states that the car models will be to customers’ liking.

Car exhibitions are large events since they help attract clients and meet their needs and wants (Luxurious Magazine, n.d.). Designing for car exhibitions becomes the issue of paramount importance, and it is necessary to take into account multiple matters one of which is the choice of the cars that will be shown. The selected model is supposed to be innovative, and customers should realize that they want this model. Besides, it is vital to consider the materials that will be used for temporary structures and exhibition stands.

As a rule, copper elements are the fundamental components, and all exterior materials and details are designed to modern Bentley style; moreover, cutting-edge 3D metal printing technology gives the opportunity to use the grille mesh, door handles, and so on (Bourgoo, n.d.). McMorrow (2014) refers to the principles of organizing: a stand should have private meeting rooms, a product and materials showroom, media lounge, and space for display of the vehicles. Because the parts of the construction should be harmless and robust, leather, glass, and chrome may be considered to be the most frequently used materials. Such constituents are advantageous owing to one more reason, the ease of assembly and disassembly, which makes the process of transportation relatively simple.

Speaking of the Bentley models that are common in the UAE, one should mention Continental, Flying Spur, and Mulsanne: the former one is the leader (Bentley Motors, 2016). In comparison with these models, Bentayga is new, and the customers have also shown their interest, but the number of purchased cars of this model remains lower than Continental.

Besides, showrooms are extremely popular in the country, and Bentley devotes much effort in order to inform people and encourage them to buy their cars. The example of the largest showroom in the world on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai illustrates that the cars are the subject of growing interests within the UAE: there were many influential visitors who wanted to be aware of the new car tendencies (Bentley Motors, 2016). Thus, the role of Bentley is becoming more significant.

To sum it up, Bentley is a successful company that continues to develop and pay attention to different car models and regions. The characteristics of the main products, the organization of car exhibitions, and the widespread car models within the limited environment, such as a country, give to ground to be optimistic and expect further growth. The company is likely to remain rock-solid, and, in this respect, its activities will be useful.


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