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Facts about September 11 Attacks Essay (Critical Writing)

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Updated: Feb 7th, 2019

The events, which happened on September 11, 2001, shocked millions of people all over the world. Those terrible attacked turned out to be one of the darkest spots in the history of America. Lots of people lost their families and friends, the situation in America shocked every person. (Langley 22) There are many mysterious facts, which still remain unknown to people, some of them are: a commercial third airplane over Manhattan, lack of response from Pentagon’s side, failures of air defence, and immediate destruction of WTC towers.

It is known that commercial airplanes have no right to fly over Manhattan’s Towers at low altitudes. However, video observation proves that, during the attacks of September 11, another commercial jet was noticed nearby the Towers.

There are several theories concerning the role of that third plane over Manhattan. One of the most spread theories was that the jet provided the terrorists with the necessary observational data in order to carry out the attacks properly.

The eyewitnesses are afraid to admit what they saw that terrible day in order not to put under a thread the lives of their families and their own lives. Such reasons may be justified indeed; however, the government should take care of every citizen and clear up why those attacks happened. It is unfair that civilians spend each day being afraid that their lives may be ended suddenly and purposeless.

Of course, it is always possible to accuse someone and lay all blame. However, in order to provide society with patience and ability to go outside without any fear, the government should evaluate own policy and improve it taking into consideration different factors. American government has already failed to protect people against intercept hijackers, the results of those failures were that “more than 3000 children lost parents” in one day. (Coates et al vii)

There are several types of failures, which the government and FAA made. FAA failed to report about the possible attacks in order to try to prevent the attack or, at least, save the civilians. NORAD could easily scramble the airplanes, but they did not. The failure to intercept the hijackers because of low speed and to redeploy because of deferred reaction was also considerable for the report concerning the attacks of September 11.

Another point that is still under consideration is the possible reaction of Pentagon, their abilities, and their failure to repel the attacks. It was know that Pentagon was ready for any air attack, the only thing they had to do is to announce people about the possible threat from the air.

Unfortunately, on September 11, Pentagon did not fire any shot. Was it another fault of the government or just a mistake that cost so many lives? The discussion may be lasted for years; the only true fact is that Pentagon had a possibility to repulse the attacks but did not use the chance. It is difficult and even useless to analyze why they did that way and did not choose another one, their inactivity will be one of the most terrible mistake in the history.

Three towers of the World Trade Centre were demolished into several seconds after the attacks. The WTC buildings were created according to rather high standards, and were the “golden symbols of wealth in a hungry world.” (Burbach and Clarke 173) However, first, two airplanes struck the North Tower and, in several minutes, the South Tower, and both magnificent buildings were destroyed.

The point is that those two towers were not the only ones, which were destroyed during the attacks of September 11. The WTC 7 was destroyed as well, in spite of the fact that no airplanes struck that tower and security arrangement was on a really high level.

The peculiar feature of the Towers, that molten metal was spreading nearby the wreckage during several weeks after the events. It is still one of the most captivating mysteries about the September 11 events. It is unknown what may cause the creation of molten metal pools around the destroyed Towers. Could it happen because of modern components of the Towers? Or, was it because of the things on the boards of the planes? Can it be that Towers were already a kind of danger for society, the danger that was discovered because of the crash?

In fact, people did not have a chance to comprehend what caused the destruction of the WTC 7 and why molten metal pools suddenly appeared nearby the Towers. Within some time, all the evidences at WTC sites were perfectly destroyed by the federal government. It is unknown whether such immediate destruction of evidences was taken because of unbelievable care about civilians or because of the very government and their mistakes that could not but be noticeable.

Lots of people wanted to know how and why the Towers were destroyed, what the reason for their sudden collapse was. The government did not want to demonstrate their weaknesses and forbad any investigations nearby the WTC Towers. Many questions needed many answers; however, people did not get any of them. They had nothing to do but just face the fact that the attack happen, lots of people were dead, and nothing can return their lives.

September 11, 2001 started as an ordinary day for America and the rest of the world. No one could even think that this very day will be the last one in their lives. After that day, so many people lost their families and hopes to live happy and safe. The government tried to hide numerous facts, but with time, these unpleasant facts become known and upset for people. We have nothing to do now but accept the truth and live with it.

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