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Film Studies: “City of Life” Essay

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Updated: Jun 25th, 2020

There is no use denying the fact that modern age can be called the era of giant cities. More than 50% of population live in urban areas (Brook, 2013) and contribute to the development of metropolises. However, the situation was not always the same. Blistering development of cities and urbanization started along with the first signs of industrialization. New industries demanded new plants where thousands of workers had to work.

Due to this fact, all conditions for the appearance of metropolises were created. That is why, it was quite logic that the increase of the demand for oil led to the development of this industry and, as a result, regions where it was produced obtained the new stimulus for their development. Desolated lands became the place where new giant cities appeared. Dubai could be taken as the best evidence for this statement. Being a small town, in 1968 it was given the new life as rich oil deposit was found there (Dubai’s growing thirst for resources, n.d). Since that time the city has never stopped its development.

It should be said that the tempos of evolution of Dubai from the small town to metropolis are unique. In 1963 it covered only 3km2, while in 2015 this number became 605km2. (Fazal, 2008). The same deals with the population of the city. According to statistics, in 1968 only 59000 people lived in the town (Brook, 2013).

However, due to the blistering urban development, in 2010 this number became 1.9 million. (Binno, 2012). These facts show the outstanding tempos of urbanization. In 50 years Dubai transformed into one of the greatest cities in the world, with the developed industry and infrastructure (Zuhairy, 2012). The whole world watches the development of ambitious projects connected with the construction sector. There are many skyscrapers which are built according to the unique project and which create the unique image of Dubai. Thus, it is possible to say that such blistering urbanization also has some disadvantages.

First of all, it should be said that the greater part of the population of Dubai is comprised of workers who came here from different countries. The locals are taken as the privileged class as their rights are protected by the government and there are many services available to them, which make their existence rather careless and pleasant. However, at the same time, a great number of workers, who came here hoping to earn some money, are deprived of these privileges and had to struggle for their survival, occupying the niche of unqualified and low paid labor. This fact leads to the appearance of contradiction within the society.

The rich minority irritates the poor majority which has to work hard to satisfy their needs and demands. It is obvious that this contradiction cannot but lead the different conflicts which show inhomogenuity of society in Dubai.

The given issue is so topical and important that people try to attract attention to it in different ways. That is why, the movie City of Life is devoted to existing social problems of Dubai. There are several main characters who can be taken as representatives of various social classes. Faisal, a young Emirati man from the privileged family (Clarke & Mostafa, 2009), is taken as the representative of the minority which is rich and powerful, however, very often they do not know how to spent their life as there is no need in struggle or actions.

Their existence is careless and senseless. Faisal is opposed to the poor Indian taxi driver Basu, who had to earn money for his survival and has a certain aim which aspires him. There is also Natalia, a Romanian girl who wants to achieve something in her life. These characters can be taken as the embodiment of social contradictions which exist within the society of Dubai. Rich locals are opposed to poor immigrants, who try to survive. These conflicts sometimes lead to the direct showdown with the manifestations of violence and aggression.

Thus, the given movie also shows another problem of Dubai. It is blistering urbanization. Having promoted development of the city, it, at the same time, created the basis for the appearance of a great number of problems which always exist in a big city. First of all, it is the confrontation between different social classes. Things become even more complicated if the privileged social class consists of local people, while the class which could be taken as inferior, is presented mainly by immigrants, who look for a well paid job. Additionally, high tempos of urbanization also influence the culture and mentality of people. Faisal, from the City of Life, is the good evidence for this statement. Being rich and having various opportunities, he does not know what to do and how to find himself.

With this in mind, having analyzed the main aspects of urbanization and the movie City of Life, it is possible to make a certain conclusion. It should be said that blistering urbanization also has its disadvantages as it influences the mentality of people and lead to the appearance of social conflicts. The movie the City of Life demonstrates it perfectly.


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