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General Motors Inc.’s Request for Proposal Research Paper

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Updated: Jul 21st, 2022


This Request for Proposal (RFP) offers the classification of the venture, as well as describes the precise conditions and compulsions of the winning purchaser chosen to carry out the performs defined herein. This paper also comprises a typical reply arrangement and an elucidation of how each consumer and the individual suggestion will be estimated.

General Motors, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Buyer”) hereby demands that all salespersons admit the receiving of this RFP enclose by advising the Buyer’s delegate of their intention to bid, or not to bid. Salespersons choosing not to bid in reply to this RFP are asked to converse their result by returning the RFP package, with correspondence of clarification, to the Buyer’s spokesperson within five commerce days of the reception of this enclosed.

This RFP and all narrated private data is regarded proprietary to the consumer, and is proposed only for the aim of begging a retort from probable salespersons, and is a matter to any Private Data Non-discovery Arrangement formerly implemented by the parties to the agreement. Buyer supposes no contractual responsibility, nor is any proposed, by issuing this RFP. Current RFP does not require or compel a responsibility on Buyer to compensate any seller or any of its subordinates or representatives for any costs incurred in the compliance of a suggestion or creation essential researches or intends for the training thereof, nor does it entrust Buyer to acquire or deal for the services or objects offered therein.

Forthcoming salesperson rejoinder to this RFP should be arranged merely and inexpensively, offering a basic, short explanation of vendor’s abilities to please the obligations of this demand. Importance should be imposed on the wholeness and lucidity of content.

Buyer reserves the right to refuse any proposal responses or to make manifold or limited honors under this demand. Award of an indenture, if any, will be accordingly with the Buyer’s Purchase Order concord that defines the rights and accountabilities of both sides and is executed between each side. This RFP, and retort to this RFP, may, at Buyer’s alternative, happen to part of the performed agreement. News discharges or declarations viewing this RFP, or probable resulting agreement, do not consent and may not be publicized by a Seller without the articulately written permission of Buyer. Seller may not use the Buyer’s name, or any of its brand names in any announcement or press release without the preceding written permission of Buyer.


Buyer is getting suggestions from amusement, manufacture, recruitment, and manufactures corporations to lease, build, or provide manufactures and repairs comprising, but not limited to: leasing tools, pyrotechnics, building substances, event plan and production, graphics design and production, labor for installation and disassembling, show organization, and supplementary overhauls such as theme enhancement, video manufacture, and so on.

Experienced merchants must counter in writing by Noon on the Submission Deadline Date stated in “Appendix A.” Suggestions will be regarded as grounded on potentials, originality, charges, and a thorough explanation of overhauls offered which gratify the prerequisites of the RFP. A minimum of two corporations will be chosen for the final oral arrangement to Buyer’s assortment commission. The vendor will be informed by the Buyer’s representative if Vendor’s corporation is selected for a presentation.

General Motors’ Objectives

An evening of impressive activity and presentations varying from live celebrity amusement to prerecorded anniversary wishes from notables around the world to live automobile rides among the spectators. This free to universal community occasion is unparalleled in history.

General Motors’ Target Audience

The target audience is a mix of the drivers who visit Milwaukee for the festive weekend, local drivers, and anybody who desires to practice the liberty of the highway that GM has stood for since 1908.

Changes and Modifications

Outline the procedure of announcement as to modify orders after the original obtain arrangement has been executed. Address any probable situations and the procedure to be applied to obtain Buyer’s sanction before modifying.

Buyer reimbursed expenses Outline any expenditures that will be acquired in the conclusion of this agreement that will be the accountability of the Buyer. Detail their account, charges, requirements, and the procedure for reimbursement. These should be detailed as some of these expenditures may previously be delivered by the Buyer and this will avoid reproduction costs, i.e.; catering/per Diem, and rental car/sponsor vehicles.

Buyer supplied utility Outline any values or overhauls necessitated accomplishing this quote. Detail type, measure, position, and all other requirements for electrical, water, or any necessary utility. The technicians and their schedule needed to hook up the named utilities should be outlined.

General Selection

Criteria General summary of the company’s history, experience, and capabilities should be provided, including the following information:

Company name and profile. Primary and secondary contact person. Telephone numbers including 24/7 phones. Address. Years in business. Types of insurance provided. Amount of coverage.. Previous involvement in General Motors events.

Project Management

Buyer will administer this project through the Buyer’s delegate. The type of support that can be imagined from the Seller’s Project Manager needs to be explained. Address at least the subsequent in the narrative: Will the scheme executive be present at the show, install, rehearsal, or strike Method for Buyer’s delegate, to treat any contract deficiencies, comprising a name and cellular phone number of a major of the Sellers Company.

Production Schedule Seller shall propose a construction timeline detailing the dates and times of escape, equipment, testing, programming, preparation, instruction, and any other needed procedures. It needs to include show and strike times as well, include any calendars, charts, or graphs necessary to identify the program List all conditions when the Sellers ability to whole their quoted development is effected by supporting salespersons and outline the cure in the case of supporting vendor breakdown.


The final issues that should be raised according to PMBOKR Guide are:

What skills and capabilities differentiate the company from competitors? What is the basis of the company’s competitive advantage? Can it site examples of how the company has invented cost-effective solutions to customer challenges? Why, briefly, are they qualified to handle the General Motors account?


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