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GeoDubai: Company Information Coursework

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Updated: Jun 6th, 2022

About us

Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible, to expand human potential, by making a positive impact in communities where we live and work. GeoDubai center aims to create a unified and complete base map of Dubai, which will serve as a core platform for everyone. The website will enable visitors to have easy access to Dubai’s vase-map, which will reduce the time required for project coordination and collaboration procedures. GeoDubai will contain full geospatial data of Dubai alongside the 3D detailed map. Only the given website will provide and deliver high-quality information accompanied by outstanding service and professionalism.

Our Story

GeoDubai started as a small project initiative, which was launched by the Geographic Information System Center (GIS Center). A tremendous amount of work has been done by our team in order to unify and simplify the city planning in the Emirate of Dubai. We were involved in a number of projects, such as Geo Maturity, Unified base map, government asset mapping, and Dubai 3D map.

How we evolved

In the beginning, GeoDubai consisted of a small team of people with big ambitions and aspirations in creating an all-access platform for project planning and geospatial data gathering. Throughout time, the team has grown alongside our values, which is to be focused on our mission by being adaptable to the current circumstances. Our business strategy is to save time, effort, and money for our clients by providing a unified platform for project coordination.

Biggest achievement

Dubai is a center of infrastructural innovations and expansion, which brought an immense amount of entities here. However, the Emirate lacked a sophisticated instrument to navigate and guide these projects, therefore, the unified platform was created by GeoDubai. We used high-end technology, such as drones, machine learning, and 360˚ mobile mapping vehicle, which are critical in generating the in-depth 3D map of Dubai. In addition, the plant health index can be calculated by conducting aerial surveys.

Who we serve

We serve to any project initiator and conductor, who wishes to have access to detailed geospatial data alongside the unified platform for Dubai’s infrastructure project coordination. We cooperate with several international companies, such as the British Ordnance Survey (OS), and American Environmental Research Institute (ESRI).


The GeoDubai portal offers a wide range of services for any entity, starting from governmental and private organizations to individual projects. Our offerings include GeoMature, GeoScience, GeoDigital, GeoConsulting, GeoHelp, and GeoSDI. GeoMature assists entities to progress towards the Enterprise GIS level, whereas GeoScience provides customized and certified training procedures to GeoDubai Community. GeoDigital is focused on digitalizing organizations by integrating smart and innovative services. GeoConsulting and GeoHelp give GeoDubai Community members access to consultation and support services. In addition, GeoSDI is a one-stop-shop platform, which contains all maps and geospatial data of Dubai. They are not just random services, they are unique, and each service is engineered to contour to your needs.

What differentiates us

We are the only center with the necessary expertise and knowledge, who are willing to offer free services for a unified platform in order to allow our clients to see its huge benefits and uses. Our team is the group that’s empowered, skilled, licensed, experienced, diverse, and inclusive.

Social Impact

GIS and GeoDubai fully eliminate the infrastructural mess and conflicts between projects. By bringing coordination due to the unified platform, the society directly benefits from better planning, regulations, and management. The GeoDubai portal oversees to get rid of every sustainability-related issue alongside environmental concerns. In addition to eco-friendly social change, we believe passionately in equality for all projects. We are also 100% positive the world would be a better place if everyone spent 15 minutes a day on the website.

Our promise

Our promise is to deliver optimistic and diverse experiences and points of view to our audience who are smart, cautious, and passionate people. We ensure that our clients of GeoDubai will get access to full-time support and assistance in their projects. The planning procedures will flow smoothly and without any conflicts in time, place, and regulations. The unified platform will be an essential tool for solving any geospatial data or mapping problems, which arise in a highly regular manner. We will navigate and guide all organizations and individual clients in their decision-making process alongside strategic planning. With our help, the customers will only get high-quality service and geospatial data, because we implement the newest technology in our information gathering process.

What is GIS and how can it help people

GIS is a Geographic Information Systems Center in Dubai Municipality, which is accountable for establishing foundations and infrastructure for mapping. It aims to create a unified open-access portal for geospatial data, which is an essential part of developing a comprehensive and sustainable infrastructure.

Our plan

Our plan is to provide businesses and government entities with compelling insights to make confident, data-driven decisions. By embedding location tech into the day-to-day business workflow, we aim to ensure that future project leaders will save their time and resources, and mitigate risk by making data complete, securely accessible, and accurate.

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