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GPS-to-GO Takes on Garmin Essay


The paper is a critical examination of leadership as well as management of GPS-to-GO. It is a well known organization that has at its disposal very knowledgeable scientists as well as researchers who have made it possible for the company to develop “advanced global positioning systems (GPSs) for complex air-traffic control and logistics systems” (Sinclair, 2007). A provided case study is critically examined.

Personality and temperament of Joseph Thomas

It is worth to note that temperament refers to how one respond to a situation and such manners are acquired during childhood. On the other hand, personality has been defined as the characteristics that defines an individual and are usually acquired as one develops. From the case provided Thomas is one person who actively listens. This gives him an opportunity to ask questions that were ignored by the CEO during the first meeting.

Additionally, Thomas is an individual who is proactive. In the case study there are several incidences that the reader is made to understand that the manager was capable of clearly establishing what lays a head of him. He could fore tell the obstacles that would hinder his efforts in developing cost effective products.

On the same note he was a determined person; despite the fact that he could see major obstacles Thomas was in a position to come up with plans on how to counter them. He accomplished this by sharing information with other managers. This gave him an opportunity to come up with rational and practical solutions (Pillittere, 2009).

Lastly Thomas was an optimistic individual. Despite the situations he found himself, he was always of the view that in one way or the other he will find his way out successfully.

The four steps in the project life cycle

Project life cycle involves four major processes. The first being initiation stage. This is where the project starts and involves activities such as getting facts about a business, carrying out feasibility studies, coming up with a project office as well as selecting the team members. In my view Thomas successfully accomplished this in his meeting with the managers.

Planning comes second in project life cycle. It typically entails setting the roadmap for the entire project by carefully developing “project plan, resource plan, financial plan, quality plan, and acceptance as well as communication plans” (Sinclair, 2007). After coming up with a well thought plan, a projects is then ready for execution.

According to Conley, 2001 “this stage involves construction of all the deliverable as well as ensuring that certain management processes is adhered to in order to control as well as monitor such deliverables”. Ideally issues that are tackled at this stage include management of time, cost, change risks as well as customers. The last phase of a project life cycle is closing the project.

Among activities done include making the final deliverables available to the various relevant stakeholders for instance consumers, availing the project literature to the organization and finally check the success of the project termed as post implementation review. In my own opinion I bet Thomas did his best in trying to meet the requirements of the four project life cycles (Pillittere, 2009).

Appropriate personality traits that Thomas should adopt

There are certain qualities that a project leader opts to have and exercise them accordingly.

In my humble view these qualities or personality traits include the following; acting assertively, being a team player, being creative and innovative this makes one arrive at decision after making extraordinary action, being a servant leader ensures that one feels for the subjects hence understand their needs, ability to hire and maintain individuals of higher abilities, skills and knowledge, understanding of the subjects limits and capabilities; this makes one to be able to design responsibilities that are in line with subjects’ competence, acting assertively, building trust, building a team, being an active team player and motivating followers (Pillittere, 2009).

Other important characteristics that make one to be a good leader include; good presentation skills, effective decision making, ability to adopt varied learning styles and being effective in managing own time. For instance, the ability of clearly understanding the limits of each and every subject is key.

With such kind of knowledge, a leader can be in a better position to design responsibilities, tasks as well as duties that are at par with the knowledge and skills of the targeted subject (Conley, 2001).

With such systems, followers will be able to actively engage their skills and competence to the best of their knowledge. This coupled with the environment created where they are free to incorporate their innovation and creativity will yield tremendous results.

What I would do differently

Working under a boss who ignores the issues of concerns brought forth that would later have serious implications to an organization, I would have tried my best to have several meetings with the boss and inform him in the best way possible on implications of carrying out a project that would later compromise the future success of the company (Sinclair, 2007).

Similarly I would arm myself with better alternatives to present to him.


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