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Health Behavior Theory: Intervention Development Essay

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Updated: Apr 22nd, 2021

Identify the health behavior theory used in this article

The authors of this article discuss the ecological approach to health behavior (McLeroy et al. 355). This model is based on the theory developed by Urie Bronfenbrenner. This theory is often applied to describe how a person’s attitudes and values are formed (Edberg 82; Hayden 236). In this case, it is used to describe the health behavior of individual and groups.

Identify the level of intervention targeted by the intervention (individual, interpersonal, community)

The scholars believe that it is necessary to design interventions that have several levels. In particular, one should speak of intrapersonal, interpersonal, and community levels (McLeroy et al. 355). Additionally, the researchers believe that the intervention should be related to institutional factors and policies adopted by the state.

Identify the intervention strategy used in this article and provide your assessment of its appropriateness

Overall, the intervention strategy is based on the premise that it is necessary to modify a broad set of factors that affect the health behavior of a person. For instance, one can mention the influence of peer pressure that prompts teenagers to start smoking. In turn, the task of medical workers and educators is to make adolescents more resilient to those influences that can adversely affect their health. Furthermore, it is important to consider the impact of organizational or institutional factors.

For instance, inefficient workplace rules, tight schedule, or job insecurity can influence people’s attitudes towards smoking, alcohol consumption, or dietary habits (Torre 142). In turn, organizations should create an environment in which a person can adopt healthy lifestyles. Furthermore, scholars emphasize the importance of community factors that can help individuals change their health behaviors. In this case, one can speak of various voluntary associations that assist people in overcoming such problems as drug addiction, alcoholism, obesity, and so forth (McLeroy et al. 363). Finally, researchers focus on the importance of policies developed at different levels.

For instance, it is possible to consider the policies regulating the distribution or advertisement of alcoholic beverages and tobacco. Overall, this intervention strategy is rather useful because it can mitigate a broad range of adverse influences such as peer pressure, work stress, or the growing availability of tobacco products. So, this approach offers a more comprehensive solution to health problems.

Summarize how the theory was used in the development of the intervention activities

It should be mentioned that according to Urie Bronfenbrenner’s theory, several ecological systems shape the development of an individual (Shaffer 534). Some of these systems have a stronger impact on a person; for instance, one can mention school, family neighborhood, churches, and so forth (Shaffer 534). At the same time, this theory lays stress on the cultural values, the role of social institutions, mass media, political life, and so forth (Gordon 125). In turn, this article is aimed at showing that health interventions should affect various ecological systems shaping the health behavior of people.

Provide your assessment of why this theory would or would not be a good fit for the program you are proposing for your Health Promotion Program Proposal

Overall, the theory that has been described in this article can be quite suitable for the program that I will develop. I also believe that it is necessary to focus on various social, political, or cultural factors that influence people’s health behaviors. However, at the same time, it may be difficult to apply the principles of this model. Interventions that have so many levels require the cooperation of many stakeholders such as medical workers, educators, employers, non-governmental organizations, and so forth. In many cases, it is rather difficult to foster this cooperation. It is the main limitation that should be identified.

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