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Internet and Its Effects on Business Essay (Article)

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Updated: Jan 12th, 2022


The Internet is gradually taking over the business world. It enables small and large businesses to earn money online. The person is responsible for the company’s reliability in order to gain the trust of the customers because he/she does not have any real commitment that exists in the other solid forms of businesses. It is also applied in the Internet business just like in any other form of business where the customer-vendor relation is the crucial determiner of the course of the business. The entrepreneurs build a trusting relationship and start advertising their products. Internet business is demanding, as it requires the owners of the business to develop an appropriate technology of delivery and payment. This directly relates to the success of the business as advertising and marketing are also crucial in Internet banking. The customers have to be aware of the existence of the basket gift business in the market. Therefore, a lot of advertising is essential for business due to the idea of reaching the target groups. Marketing creates the basic form of communication with the customers, helping us to achieve new customer bases.

Business Destiny

In the case of the gift basket business, I believe that it will be successful within the Internet business. The first reason for this opinion is the fact that the people in the local market hold us in high esteem, as it will help us onsite where people are asked about their opinion on these products. Because we have been serving them for a while and have never been a disappointment, they will support us. It means that the level of reliability is high and that we can deliver the goods on time. Therefore, we have been creating the local market. Their support will be a tremendous boost to the business because they will create a pleasing image about us to the world. However, it will not be easy because it is not a guarantee that customers will support us on the web, but business is all about taking risks.

Effects on the Internet Business

Entry into the world of the Internet banking means that the business will undergo many adjustments. There will be many effects on the business. The first one is the challenge of designing baskets for customers whom we know nothing about, as the current form of business will enable us to know the customers personally. We will be given the chance to ask for the detailed requirements, meaning that we will have to face the new demands. The same applies to the gift baskets that people from different parts of the world require. The needs of people differ from place to place. We will have to deal with the new demands of different customers. These customers have requirements that are different from what we usually experience.

However, the cost of running the business will reduce, as we will not require an onsite office to operate from while contacting our customers. The money we spend on electricity bills and rent will be used for advertising. The other effect that Internet banking will have on the business is increasing competition. Although there is current competition in the local market, the competition with other large and established businesses will be a significant challenge. This translates to more work, putting in more energy, and focusing on what we are doing now.

The other cause of the challenge will be dealing with customers. The customers we deal with right now are regulars, and we have come to understand them over time. This means that when a customer orders a basket, we know his or her desires. The new customers we will be dealing with will have new demands. Meaning that we will have to get to know them better and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with them. The new business will force us to do further research in an effort to understand the market requirements in different places.


Running the Internet business will be a challenge at first, but I believe that as we move on, this will change. This is because it is a new venture for us and it demands extra effort in order to understand how it operates. We will extend the working day, and face new challenges. The challenges arise from the fact that we are new to the world of business meaning that we have to gain their trust. It will be a daunting problem because we will be dealing with people using the Internet. This is remarkably different from what we do now. The working hours will be rescheduled to meet the deadlines of orders. This is because we will be dealing with the different time zones. This means that we will have to adjust the fixed working schedule to a new, flexible one and work hard in order to achieve desired results. Meeting everyone’s demands is a foremost rule of the company that strives to achieve success.

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