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Leadership Analysis Summary Essay

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Updated: Jun 3rd, 2019

The motor vehicle industry in the US has experienced several challenges in the last decade. Several car manufactures in the US have experienced a reduction in revenues due to increased competition in the market. One of the most remarkable leaders in the industry has been Allan Mulally, the President and CEO of Ford Motor Company.

He became the President of the company in 2006 after serving as President of Boeing for several years. He is a qualified aero-nautical engineer and a trained manager. Mulally is a member of several aero- nautical professional associations because of his involvement in the aviation industry.

He spent more than 30 years at Boeing, where he served as the firm’s President. He has sat on several boards of aviation associations which made him ideal for the leadership role at Ford Motor Company.

The media industry has experienced a lot of changes in the past three decades. Television broadcasting and advertising have had a remarkable influence on many commercial trends across the world. In the US, cable television broadcasting has grown to become a a large industry with various competing firms. These broadcasting firms have their own specialty content which they provide to subscribing viewers.

The advertising industry has also developed to become a large industry because of the effect of billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising. One person who is recognized for his role in developing broadcast media in the US, is Ted Turner.

Turner is credited with contributing positively to the growth of cable television and outdoor advertising in the country. As a leader, he is keen on trends that change the industry and this can be seen in the way he transformed CNN, TCM, TNT and Cartoon Network.

Alan Mulally has initiated several changes in the organizational culture of Ford, after becoming CEO in 2006. When he became CEO, the firm was on the verge of being declared bankrupt and had recorded a loss of more than 12 billion dollars, which it had never experienced before. The firm was not able to compete against European and Japanese car manufacturers, which were producing better car models at a lower cost.

This problem was also faced by other US car makers because they lacked a competitive advantage in the car market. His background in management helped him to change the way the firm conducted its processes and this improved its performance in the market.

He changed the organizational culture in the company which had been severely affected by disunity and internal wrangles among several unit managers. Mulally was able to unite his workers to a common purpose, which made them more dedicated to their duties.

The media industry is dominated by several joint conglomerates which have stakes in different television, radio and print companies. This has made some savvy businessmen to increase their influence in the media industry, which has made several media companies across the world to become more powerful. One of the most influential media owners in the world is Ted Turner.

Turner is a media mogul who owns CNN, TCM, TNT and Cartoon Network. He is also a recognized philanthropist who participates in various charitable events. Turner has uses his influence to bond with employees in several locations, which has made them have positive attitudes to work. He has managed to exhibit visionary leadership skills which have set him apart from other leaders in the industry.

Mulally’s transformational leadership helped Ford register positive performance in the market. Mulally created a new vision for the company which helped to improve its competitiveness in the market. The firm’s employees supported this new vision which helped the firm to benefit from new innovative work practices. This increased the value proposition of Ford car models in the market.

This is because the firm’s research and development teams were given the autonomy to use their own creativity to come up with compelling vehicle designs. Mulally managed to increase the competitiveness of Ford’s models in the market, which was dominated by low cost cars manufactured in Asia and Europe.

Ford’s employees were able to produce innovative car models which have more powerful engines and consume smaller amounts of fuel. This approach has made it possible for the company to raise its profile in the market.

Ted Turner is a leader who shapes trends in the market. He was able to start billboard advertising in the 1960’s, an idea that brought him a lot of profits. He was able to predict that more viewers were interested in cable television in the early 1980’s. Turner has always been involved in all major decisions which are made by his managers. This has made it easy for him to influence employees to have positive attitudes to work.

He does not conform to normal industry practices but sets his own standards, which have helped him to be successful in business. He shares with his employees what he wants them to achieve, which makes them set personal goals whenever they perform different tasks.

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