Management Issues: Most Relevant Motivational Theory Essay


Most employees consider the level of payment and the workplace conditions before accepting a particular employment position in a company. Once they are employed, there is little improvement in their productivity. Different workers will respond positively to different motivational factors depending on which level in the hierarchy of needs they value most.

Workers in lower ranks may still be struggling to satisfy their physiological needs and thus a pay rise would motivate them. Job contracts have been used in modern times whereby an employee is paid according to his output.

This is limited because some contract jobs require team work. It can only work for workers with certain levels of wage rates. To a majority of workers, the most effective motivational factor may fall under the consideration of social needs and sense of belonging.

Motivational factors

Among the three factors which are job enlargement, job enrichment, and empowerment, I consider empowerment as the most effective motivational factor. This is because it can be used to motivate a wide range of workers from different job levels and departments. Employees are able to plan their work according to what they consider the most important procedure.

This gives employees a sense of belonging, and motivates innovation. Empowerment also assures those who are shaping their careers of accumulating experience. Productivity will improve because the workers minds are open. They can lay procedures in ways they consider most efficient because they are the ones in the actual workplace.

The management can wait for the final product to check performance. Management can count the number of products and test their quality. Employees are able to build a reputation of good performance which before was taken only by the top managers.

I consider self actualization as the most important aspect of motivational theories. This is because it combines the effects of other factors such as the recognition of effort and performance. It also gives opportunity for promotion and improvement.

Attributes of this generation

This generation exists in a time when productivity is high because of technological advancement, and the low number of employees used per unit. In a developed country, the cost of living is high but a majority of workers are able to afford their physiological needs without much strain. It is also good to note that any job will serve the basic needs first. However, the middle level groups no longer view their basic needs as threatened.

They prefer a workplace that gives them a sense of responsibility by allowing them to act rationally as masters of their working space. Modern employees despise close supervision.

This generation believes in building a career that lasts through ones lifetime. They expect to move from a low ranking employee position to the top management. They expect wage rates to increase as one goes up the rank of his/her profession not only by increasing productivity but also by increased responsibility.


Self actualization is the most effective aspect of motivation in today’s generation. This is because it combines a majority of considerations like career development and recognition. The productivity of modern economies relies in the middle class groups who no longer feel threatened about their physiological needs. However, employees would also consider what competitors offer in comparison to their workplace.

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