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Market Analysis: Preshafruit Juice Essay


A report by Mintel, a market analysis and research company asserts that Britain has a large Market for fresh fruit juices (Derbyshire 2005). This translates to about 2.2 billion liters per year, about 36 liters for every Briton.

Apple and orange juice make up 70 % of sales in an industry here consumers spend up to 2.3 billion every year. Innocent, a fresh juice company that has a business alliance with Coca Cola dominates the market. It controls a mammoth 72% of the fruit juice market. The company registered a £10.1m turnover in 2007 and the profits have been growing in the subsequent years (CNBC 2010).

Primary Market Analysis

The primary market for Preshafruit Juice in the UK is 18-38 year olds, who are also conscious about healthy dietary habits. They are fairy good spenders and as such spend a considerable amount of money on food as well as entertainment. This age group is also self reliant financially. As such it has the ability to purchase Preshafruit juice products without affecting their budget too much. People within this age group are most likely to live in urban areas as such the company will focus its sales and marketing effort in these areas.

Due to the quality of Preshafruit Juice, the company will zero in marketing the product in middle class as well as upper middles class areas (Baker and Wu 1998). This age group is also highly mobile and would prefer to have an already prepared fresh fruit juice that assured of 100% fresh fruit taste, thus providing a god market fro our product (Smith 2010).

Secondary market

There have been efforts to control binge drinking in the UK and as such the sales of fresh fruit juices has gone up in bars, pubs and night clubs (Huxley 2003). Furthermore, bars and pubs are selling more food to increase their profits in the face of hard economic times. As such people who frequent bar also make the secondary market for Presahfruit Juice. People who frequent nigh clubs are above 18 year olds.

These people who also love outdoor recreation as well as having fun. They are the socialites in the societies and thus outgoing. Due to their predisposition to for outdoor recreation this people are much more likely to be found in urban areas, especially the middle class districts.

They re also fairly good spender on entertainment and food and thus provide a fairly good secondary market for Preshafruit Juice. Another secondary market is middles class families. These families are interested in having healthy fresh juices especially for breakfast. The families also have a good spending power and are also consistent spenders. They also have fairly rigid spending patterns. They live in middle class urban areas.


The Uk market for fresh fruit juice is one of the vibrant in the world according to statistics given earlier in this report. Preshafruit has identified both primary and secondary markets in upwardly mobile and the socialist respectively. The company products can gain high ratings in the primary market due what the quality are offering. As such the company will stand to gain considerably. Therefore the company should venture into thus market.

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