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Netflix Internet Marketing Evaluation Essay

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Updated: Dec 21st, 2019


The internet is an information superhighway that has virtually transformed traditional practices in all sectors throughout the globe. One area that has adopted and integrated internet capabilities is marketing. Organizations are now able to create awareness of their products or services without facing physical challenges because of the internet. This paper analyzes internet marketing at Netflix. Netflix is one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies.

The Internet Marketing Possibilities for Netflix

Netflix is a global leader in as far as internet television network is concerned. Viewers from all parts of the globe are able to stream video content from Netflix’s website and enjoy their desired movies without facing challenges caused by physical barriers, such as distance or limited DVDs (Nash, 2004).

The company has worked towards securing and maintaining partnerships with significant industry players, including Walt Disney, Paramount, as well as Warner Bros. Such arrangements that enable the company to work in collaboration with television and movie producer provide an opportunity for the firm to have a wider selection of content. In turn, this wide content has enabled Netflix to attract a huge global customer base of 33 million, with the numbers still growing (Overview, n.d.).

To further increase its internet marketing performance, Netflix has tackled government policies, such as The Video Privacy Protection Act whose existence denied video tape service providers of disclosing information about the customer without obtaining the latter’s consent (Wade, 2010).

This has led to the modernization of the VPPA, thus providing Netflix members with the freedom to share movies that they have streamed with friends through online social platforms like Facebook. This new development is significant in enabling Netflix to grow its business and customers as the sharing of content by users on social websites captures an even wider audience. The users assist Netflix in marketing the company to other potential users of the service.

With the advent of smartphone technology, Netflix has ventured into the mobile world through a launch of its own application in order to enhance its internet marketing even further. Mobile phone users who are subscribers of the Netflix streaming services can view movies and television episodes by streaming the content through their hand held devices.

The Netflix application is available on both Android and iOs mobile platforms and it provides quality service to the users. This helps the company to grow its subscriber base and increase its revenue because smartphones are continuously growing in popularity (Williams, 2012).

Internet marketing capabilities have influenced Netflix’s decision to open a production company. This new venture works differently from the traditional television shows in the sense that it provides the episodes immediately after release, instead of waiting for fixed intervals of time. This will enable Netflix to release more shows that are originally produced and avail them to the market via its internet TV platform.


Netflix uses the numerous capabilities of the internet to market its services. Users subscribe for the services and stream media content from Netflix’s website. The global outreach has seen the company create a customer base of close to 33 million, with the numbers still on the rise.

Netflix has availed its services for the mobile phone users through the Netflix application that is supported on both Android, as well as iOS platforms. Users can also share video content via social online platforms, such as Facebook, thereby allowing the company to reach a wider customer base.


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