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New payroll processing system Essay (Critical Writing)


The paper aims at coming up with an exclusive review of the controversy that surrounded the need to come up with a new payroll processing system that was expected to replace the old system in Queensland health program. The paper is based on two articles that aim at providing factual information that should shed some light on the procedures that should be employed in the identified process.

The two articles have illustrated the need to have a new system and have given procedures that should ensure that the transition process is effective and it meets the stipulated mandate. The study has used Queensland health program as the case study.

Article1: Moving to a New HRIS Time for a new human resource information system? Plan ahead for a painless conversion

The article addresses the moving of organizations from their current HRIS to new systems. For example, the Arizona Department of administration (ADOA), management was aware that its current human resource information system was in dire need for a surgical change.

The article has addressed the issue where the author has demonstrated that HRIS change does not always have to be a complex process, but the transition to the new system provides opportunities that are expected to streamline a number of business processes in the organization. The article identifies planning as the major step in ensuring that the conversion process is smooth.

Article 2: Handling the Challenges of Change Management

The article explains that human beings will subconsciously resist change. Therefore, it is of essence that the management addresses the issue of resistance to change critically.

The article has addressed the areas that demand attention in the implementation of the new system and has come up with a three phase implementation approach that is expected to make the implementation process less turbulent. The three phases are:

  • The identification of the challenges that are likely to face the organization and its new system implementation process,
  • The exhaustive analysis of the expected challenges
  • Mechanisms that will be applied by the management to resolve the challenges

Implementation Problems Encountered By Queensland Health Program

The efforts by Queensland Health Program and the Human Resource Division of Arizona Department of Administration to implement a new payroll system were met with a number of problems as illustrated in the two articles. It has been noted in the articles that the implementation process was late by 20 months and this delay resulted to the escalation of the previously budgeted implementation costs by 300%.

Secondly, the implementation process was delayed because of the antagonism that existed between the Health ministry and the health services outfit Corp Tech. The antagonism between this two factions resulted in delays in clarification of the process implementation scope. Thirdly, halfway the project’s implementation phase, there was a major alteration on the project scope definitions.

This resulted in major defects in the initial course of action that had been projected by the planning team. These defects were of great magnitude, but the implementing team turned a blind eye on them and down-played their severity. It is evident that the above problems greatly derailed the process resulting to role confusion and inability of employees to discern their responsibilities in the new system.

Relations of the articles with the case study

Each of the articles addresses the need to change to a new system if the previously used system was deemed ineffective. The authors have also given an effective process that will guarantee that the transition process is smooth and successful. Therefore, it is prudent to conclude that if only the explained procedures had been followed in the Queensland health program, the problems that had been encountered would not have been faced.


Effective and efficient implementation of a new system is in jeopardy if challenges that are faced are not resolved amicably. The approach adopted by the management should take heed not to adversely affect the lives of employees. The transition should be smooth and free from bias. A successful change implementation should be guided by an accurate process that clearly guides all the processes.

The implementation process should be guided by a three phase approach identifies the challenges that are likely to face it, analyzing those challenges and lastly formulating appropriate techniques that will resolve them.

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