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NTV Advertisement Observation Report

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Updated: Apr 29th, 2022

In my country there are many television companies but I chose NTV and the show I watched is Prison break. This show is regularly shown in the station on Tuesdays at 8.05pm to 8.56pm. I watched the show meant for this assignment on the 1/1/08 at 8pm. I choose this time because this is the time I am always free and at this time I will have finished all my work. At 8.00pm is again near news time for the day, which takes place at 9pm always. Mostly am found in the house this specific times and I can allocate time for watching it.

The show was shown for around for 29 minutes while non-show activities like advertising takes place for around 22 minutes. They take place in between the show and before the show after the show. The show is also divided into two first part begins at after the first advertisements and end at around 8.30pm allowing time for number of advertisements and news briefs. After the news briefs some advertisement takes place before the show begins. I was surprised to learn that the show takes a short period like that while most of the time was consumed by other non-show activities.

In total there were ten advertisements that took place. Some were repeated twice or thrice while others took place once. They take a variety period of time, those that take place fifteen seconds are two, those with twenty seconds are four ,x those with thirty seconds are two while those with sixty seconds are two. Therefore I concluded that ads are more important as the program as they take also equal time with the program this also creates the awareness among the people for what they need and what is necessary.

The most unusual thing I learned is that upcoming promotions are so regular and explicit than the rest and again they are a lot. The reason why it takes such a long time is that the advertiser is trying to introduce an item to the market and will want to the to have a capture of view of the item. Secondly it sends an appealing message to audience about the product or service for the purposes of winning their hearts.

The time allocated for the commercial adverts is five minutes, public announcements is for minutes. The bloc advertisement has been allocated some time

The market target for these adverts seems to be mostly the youths since the show is loved by the youths. The show majorly is meant for lovers of logical thinking and youthful in nature. This is why mostly adverts made relate to products that target the youth.

The main purpose of this assignment is to test the students’ critical thinking and understanding of the subject. It also acts as source of orientation to students in the field of promotion. Immediately one leaves will be able to articulate the objectives of learning and apply them.

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