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Performance Management and Organizational Efficacy Coursework


This paper offers an intellectual discourse on the process of performance management and efficacy in organizational management. The focus is on a joint venture between Cisco, an American company, and the Chinese government over the provision of networking services. The work covers the process of planning, implementation, and evaluation of the project with business on the variables observed during the cycle of performance management in an organization


The template for upgrading performance management commences with the groundwork of business process plan and technology enablers (Schwartz &Liakopoulos, 2020). These two variables are the fundamental ingredients of effective results in any program. The significance of well-structured performance management in any organization cannot be gainsaid. The efficacy of any organization invariably relies on the intelligibility of the performance management decisions instituted in the management of the organization. An effective and strategic performance management model must take into account several other factors that independently influence the activities of the organization.

Cisco-China joint venture

Cisco’s establishment as a networking provider in the globe has seen its market expansion exponentially grow over the last ten years. The average growth of its revenue has been excellent. With an approximated market portfolio of 47% in the globe, the company is considered one of the strongest global brands in the manufacturing and configuration of networking devices. Cisco has partnered with China in a joint venture initiative that would see China’s internet traffic grow by approximated 600% in the next five years. The project is set to be based in Shanghai, China, and is set to revolutionize the commercial climate between the Chinese and the Americans (Paulson, 2011).

Development of the management system rubric

A performance management rubric is never preset. It invariably changes depending on several factors in the environment. Despite the incessant changes, most organizations follow a general rubric in the enhancement of organizational effectiveness.

Management system

Identification of the office of primary interest, IOP

The initiation and coordination of the venture are crucial to its successful implementation. The cost-benefit analysis must form the foundation of the IOP. The office of primary interest is the “nerve center” of the operations between Cisco and the Chinese government. A SWOT analysis of the areas proposed should establish the best location for the establishment of the office of the primary interest. The two teams should evaluate other regulatory issues like taxation, labor source, an environmental audit of the area, and the cultural goodwill of the inhabitants of the location. Most significantly, the IOP should be at a vantage point in the realization of the objectives of the venture.

Activities involved

  • Definition of the scope of the management program; this shall be coupled with the alignment of the program with other HRM services.
  • Initiation, design, and the development of the operational plan of the program within a specified duration.
  • Inception of a framework for monitoring and evaluating the program.
  • Development of an extensive plan for corporate analysis of the results of the program.

Briefing of the management team and HR training

Cisco needs to offer in-depth training for the staff involved in the execution of the project. The training must take into consideration the linguistic variation between Cisco and the Chinese republic. Training focuses on the relevant practical experience that Cisco requires of its human resource. China’s diverse cultural orientation provides a huge challenge regarding the pedagogical models applicable to disseminating knowledge regarding the process. The implementation of any performance management system has to consider these linguistic issues (Segal, 2010).

Establishment of business priorities

The focus of a joint venture in business is the maximization of the profit portfolio. Other than the profitability of the joint, Cisco seeks a “pinhole” to get into the Chinese market and establish itself as a global brand. During the performance evaluation, the focus must be on the priorities of the business. The analysis of the business priorities must channel its synergy on the role of HRM in the execution of that objective. Cisco should prioritize what it wants to gain through the venture and enumerate the process of gaining the objective (Paulson, 2011).


The implementation process of the performance management system is where the rubber meets the road. The design of the management platform has to take into account the fact that Cisco has shifted its operational base, and newer challenges are forthcoming. The need to adopt a “culturally” friendly implementation program is crucial to the implementation process. Cisco must be cognizant of the commercial vagaries in the Chinese market in order to implement the program successfully (Paulson, 2011).

Delegation and oversight

The responsibility of establishing a performance management system is with the implementation team. The team is a committee selected from both Cisco and the Chinese government representatives. The implementation team delegates most of the responsibilities to the Chinese government representatives owing to their in-depth knowledge of the existing commercial issues in their own region. Cisco’s role is very passive in the implementation process except the supervisor of the technical aspects of the venture. The need to steer through the implementation terrain of the Chinese market must be limited to the Chinese government representatives (Magana & Stai, 2007).

Pillars of a successful implementation

  • Proper communication framework. The need to have a structured communication is fundamental in the successful implementation process.
  • Piloting: implementation of a strategy cannot be abrupt. Stakeholders must be engaged in the gradual implementation of “pioneer” implementation program for the sake of assessing its suitability (Schwartz,& Liakopoulos, 2011).
  • Training: perhaps, this is the most important facet of the implementation process. It involves the tuition of the stakeholders regarding the whole process.

Evaluation and feedback

Assessment of the effectiveness of the management system is critical in instituting the measures necessary to “tie the loose ends” (Boudreau & Ramstad, 2006). No model is perfect and so the need to assess the system consistently is mandatory. Cisco must be engaged in the full evaluation of the process. Evaluation must be multi-dimensional to offer an effective platform of “correction measures.”

  • Technical evaluation.
  • Human resource evaluation.
  • Operational evaluation.
  • Compliance monitoring.
  • Reporting of the results.

Cisco should aim to incorporate an all-inclusive evaluation process with the partners. The assessment focuses on the need to harmonize the operational schedule and check the progress of the project. Evaluation is concluded by “weighing” the findings with the business drafted earlier to establish whether the goals have been met or an execution gap exists (Pulakos, 2004).


The program cycle for effectiveness of an organization and performance management focuses on three major issues: development, or initiation, implementation, and evaluation. These processes are intertwined (Pulakos, 2004). The success of the Cisco-China government program is highly dependent on the execution of these three facets of program management.


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