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Positioning and Differentiation Essay

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Positioning and differentiation are essential elements to any institution that aims to market its services and goods to potential clients. Furthermore, these two concepts play a crucial role in ensuring the marketing process of an organization’s product succeeds. The hospitals under evaluation are Massena Memorial Hospital, which is housed in New York City and abbreviated as MMH.

The second hospital is the George Washington University Hospital, which is housed in Washington DC and abbreviated as GWUH. These two institutions employ comparable and dissimilar positioning and differentiation strategies with the mindset of attracting significant proportions of clients who are mainly patients.


Positioning strategies

MMH makes use of diverse positioning strategies that are preeminently determined by nature and characteristics of products and services. The most outstanding is ‘attribute positioning’ dictated by the daily services the hospital offers its clients. The first attribute strategy is their high level surgical services which are considered the finest in the region.

The hospital offers surgical services that ensure the client’s needs are satisfied prior to, all through and after surgery. These surgical services position the institution as the preferred provider of the service. It provides wide-ranging surgical services as its personnel are qualified and vastly trained professionals. Additionally, the services are delivered with adequate patient care and dignity.

It is noted that the additional and unique surgical services consist of the laparoscopic and laser surgical procedures. Another attribute that has been adequately addressed is the establishment of the patients’ financial services. The hospital understands the fact that there are patients who might not pay for their therapeutic bills.

Thus, the institution has put in place the ‘proud program’ that offers discounts to patients who qualify based on proceeds. Thus, every resident of New York has the chance of applying for the discount program. Furthermore, residents are not denied medical services on the basis of their inability to pay.

Another attribute that has strengthened the hospital’s position in health care industry is the classy medical imaging service provided. It is rated among the finest globally in the provision of this service as it has employed certified radiologists and technologists together with proficient support staff.

Additionally, MMH provides a 24hour (full time) medical imaging services, a concept that makes it stupendous (Massena Memorial Hospital, 2010).

It is noteworthy that MMH also employs positioning strategies, which focus on, the users or patients, thus referred to as ‘user positioning’. These include therapeutic services offered to patients with a unique mode of treatment arising from strange complications. Secondly, there is a digestive disease center fitted with an upgraded facility.

This is a unique centre that offers treatment to patients suffering from colorectal cancer. Furthermore, the center has got highly skilled doctors and technicians who work 24 hours a day in ensuring patients are given first-class service (Massena Memorial Hospital, 2010).

Differentiation strategy

Differentiation strategy portrayed by MMH is best exemplified by its image. This is evident in the views expressed in the market. It is apparent that the reactions of the community with relation to the services offered by the hospital are positive, encouraging and convincing. Thus, it is obvious the hospital provides superior services to clients at a reasonable cost.

Furthermore, the establishment of a patient’s monetary service known as proud program has made clients acknowledge the hospital’s contribution in the medical field.

In doing so, the hospital built an outstanding image as clients viewed it as an institution established to help the community rather than to do business by extracting money from them. Most importantly, the hospital considered the clients priorities before any other concern, as a result, it created an image that has won the trust of the community (Massena memorial hospital, 2010).

Research has proven that MMH is enhancing its image within the community as a differentiation strategy. This is best illustrated by respiratory care unit that has won the award from the American association concerned with respiratory care. Vashisht (2005) divulges that this award distinguish the superior respiratory care provided by this department.

Most importantly, it has received this award for the last six years. This fact proves it offers the finest respiratory care. Apart from offering treatment, the hospital has taken part in frequent research activities that help in solving the arising and recent challenges affecting the society. This positions the organization at a superior spot in the market, upon comparison to its competitors (Massena Memorial Hospital, 2010).

Further examination of image differentiation as integrated in MMH portrays that it has established a discrete character that is not similar to other hospitals in the area. It has also contributed vastly to the formation of value among employees, in addition to enhancing proficiency.

It is fascinating to find out that image differentiation at times arises without the indulgence of the staff, executive and shareholders of the institution, further depicting that it is an easy approach in marketing. An additional advantage of brand marketing as implemented by the MMH is its propensity to promote emotional relations among patients and administration (Massena Memorial Hospital, 2010).


Positioning strategies

The personnel in this hospital believe that when it comes to choosing a hospital for treatment, one aspect counts; thus quality of service delivery. The institution has existed for close to a century thus; its tradition in offering care means confidence and trust. Clients are thus attended to by the vastly qualified doctors and other therapeutic personnel.

GWUH is located near tourists’ appeal sites and centers of different government institutions in Washington DC. Hence, it serves a diversified population which includes locals, tourists and international dignitaries visiting the country. It is noteworthy that the positioning strategies employed by this hospital must thus catch the attention of international personalities and institutions whose members frequent the country.

GWUH embraces the same positioning strategy as MMH. However, it mainly deals with wide areas of medical services. Hence, it puts more effort in ensuring that it provides quality services expansively. On the other hand, MMH has narrowed its field of medical service; thus, it has to provide superior services, as well (George Washington University Hospital, 2010).

One of the attribute positioning the hospital has put in place is the advanced cardiovascular center. Here, patients are provided with inclusive treatment program for vascular disorders and heart ailments. This center is equipped with world class equipments and know-how that ensures it provides high-quality services. Recent, research has shown that the hospital has one of the finest cardiovascular treatments in the globe.

The cardiovascular center is further divided into units closely related to cardiovascular ailments and treatment. In the country, GWUH has the best equipped cardiovascular center. Hence, it is well ahead of its competitors as pertains to this field of medicine (George Washington University Hospital, 2010).

Another attribute that has been sufficiently addressed is the establishment of the ‘da Vinci surgical centre’. It is noted that this hospital was the first to implement this surgical procedure in Washington. This unit involves the use of robotic surgical formula in the management of various diseases. In addition, this centre provides treatment to the most composite referral surgical ailments.

Additionally, it is highly trusted by VIP’s thus enabling it build trust and poise from the community as a whole. The modern spine centre is an attribute that has placed the institution in a formidable position in the market. This center offers elevated quality specialized management for back and spine disorders.

In addition, it employs vastly qualified employees like orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, rehabilitation and pain specialists. It is not forgotten that other attributes are the cancer and breast care centre which were pioneer centers in the country (Massena Memorial Hospital, 2010). GWUH employs the product and service positioning strategy, contrary to, user positioning strategy implemented by MMH.

This is best portrayed by the nursing services that are prominent for offering personalized care to patients. This is compounded by their objective-oriented nature; thus, establishing patient and client requirements. It is noteworthy that the institution received a magnet status award for its nursing performance.

This award is yet to be attained by the MMH in spite of its excellent service to the public. Other services and products offered by the hospital further clarify this approach of positioning (George Washington University Hospital, 2010).

Differentiation strategies

Unlike MMH that has employed image differentiation, GWUH makes use of an amalgamation of strategies that integrate services and personnel. Service differentiation is demonstrated by its vision proclamation, which focuses, on instruction, research and patient care. This means that it formulates its own standards for the provision of care and treatment.

This is attained through education; furthermore, research offers insight into the present and upcoming concerns. This culminates in the availability of services at an affordable cost and superior quality, thus ensuring client contentment. Consultation is possibly the most essential quality that engages service differentiation in the hospital.

This is because the channels of communication are defined. This is divulged when efforts are synergized at all levels of operation and within the departments.

The additional services provided by the hospital that are not requirements while providing health care thus are part of the service differentiation strategy. The ultimate aim involves improving patient experiences and promotion of superior standards within the hospital (George Washington University Hospital, 2010).


MMH, located in New York and GWUH in Washington D.C. employ diverse strategies as they attempt to penetrate the market. This is portrayed by their positioning and differentiation strategy which are outstandingly alike. This is upon analysis of ‘attribute positioning’. The hospitals have different attributes, which they engage to penetrate the marketplace.

Furthermore, MMH has created services that narrow down to definite desires among patients in the society. This is the case with persons in need of long-term care; on the other hand, GWUH has exploited its rich past to set up a tradition among staff and workers eventually contributing to differentiation and positioning.


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