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Process Performance: Flow Chart Essay

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The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate on a process which I do on dairy bases and design an appropriate flowchart that depicts the activities involved in the process. The process which I am considering is the process of waking up until I live the house to the office. This is a daily routine for the five working days of the week as I need to wake up and prepare for the day. Repetitive activities are much each to manage (Madison, 2005). The process is repetitive as all the tasks which I do in each morning are similar form Monday to Friday.

Use of Flow chart

I will use the flow chart to elaborate the process for easy understanding and comparison on the performance of the same process in the different weeks which I recorded my performance on the process. The flow chart will be easy to elaborate and is designed using the appropriate tools which makes it much easy to understand it. It will contain comments on all the factors which affect the process in any way.


The process shall be measures by use of a metric and in the most appropriate metrics to be used is time which is being presented in the number of minutes each activity takes which eventually determine the entire duration which it takes me to complete the waking up process for each of the day of the week.

Process activities

The process commences by waking up which is done by use of an alarm which I set before I get to bed. The timing of the alarm mainly depend on the activities of the following day which determines on the time when I should wake up. This is the most difficult decision to make on whether to get out of bed despite of the time when I went to sleep. Therefore in most cases I Snooze the alarm twice at an interval of 5 minutes hence it takes me 10 minutes since the first alarm until I get out of bed.

After I have successfully woken up I first take a shower which mainly takes 15 minutes this process is not interfered as such as I am able to consistently bath within 15 minutes. Once I am through with bathing I do iron my cloths but before I Iron them I will have to decide on the cloths which I will wear. This is the most challenging process as there are many conditions which need to be evaluated before the appropriate choice is done. Therefore, I do decide on the cloth to wear depending on the weather or activities of the day, this is the process which sometime takes much longer time especially if most of the cloths are clean as I will have many options to select from. After successful collection on the appropriate clothing of the day I usually iron the cloths, brush my shoes and I wear them once I have taken my breakfast. Success of processes is mostly dependent on how activities relate to each other (Kohlbacher, 2010).

I do then prepare my breakfast after ironing and before I wear my cloths, in cooking the breakfast it is simple and I do not need much time to prepare it. This process does not take long as I do prepare almost similar breakfast during weekdays to save on time. After the breakfast is ready I do take it and eventually wear my cloths. The reason why I do wear the cloths as the last process before live for work is to ensure they do not get dirty when I will be cooking or taking breakfast. Initially sometime I used to stain my cloths in the morning even before I would get out of the house which at times would be very severe that I was required to repeat the process of selecting other cloths and Iron them this would affect the entire process by making it un necessarily long.

Once I am fully dressed then live the house, I realized that the process of waking up would be reduced by ensuring that I wake up when after the first alarm and I should not snooze it twice as I used to do as this delays the commencement of the entire process by ten minutes. Once one activity in the process is delayed it directly or in directly affect the processes which follows there after (Palmberg, 2010). The other activity which prolonged the process was selection of the cloths to wear and ironing which inmost days would take much longer and result to delay of preparing the breakfast. Once the breakfast timing is affected I would mostly get out of the room without taking my breakfast which used to make me less productive during the day. I therefore decided to be selecting the cloths at night and iron them before I would go to sleep. This decision did not only save on the time I spend in the morning in my preparation but it also ensured that I prepare my breakfast on time hence I would get out of the house having taken my breakfast.

Process activity timing

Herein below is the timing of activities of the process before and after its improvement.

Activities Before Activities Now
Waking up Waking up
Bathing Bathing
Selecting Clothing’s Preparation of breakfast
Ironing Taking the breakfast
Preparation of breakfast Wearing of cloths
Taking the breakfast Live the house
Wearing of cloths
Live the house

Average activity timing before and after changing the process in a week is

Activities in a week Before Average Timing (Min) Activities in a week Now Average Timing (Min)
Waking up 10 Waking up 5
Bathing 15 Bathing 15
Selecting Clothing’s 6 Preparation of breakfast 20
Ironing 10 Taking the breakfast 15
Preparation of breakfast 20 Wearing of cloths 8
Taking the breakfast 15 Live the house
Wearing of cloths 8
Live the house 0
Total Minutes 84 63
Process Flow Chart
Figure 1. Process Flow Chart


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