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Professional Networking and Group Training Essay


Professional Networking Opportunities for Further Utilization

The world of Internet communication poses both opportunities and limitations to social associations. Thus, it is claimed that the advance of social media hinders the quality of face-to-face interaction and general mental abilities. However, web communication has some consistent advantages. Specifically, the method of professional networking contributes to the development of business relations and launches time-sparing principles in work associations.

First, the platform of professional networking opens up a space for expert skills positioning. In other words, young professionals may demonstrate their potentials to the employees through the use of Internet networks. Second, the consistent advantage of the techniques in the provision of professional opportunities. Thus, Internet communication stimulates the development of business contacts. Many young specialists might find personal opportunities for establishing active communication with their new work partners. Therefore, they may find it beneficial to turn to their previous network coworkers for help or advice. Third, professional networking discloses an open space for business learning. Therefore, the specialists receive access to the best business practices, which are described on web platforms.

Finally, the method provides opportunities for surpassing central competitors. Specifically, the professionals might trace the new tendencies of business interrelations so that to include them into personal work activities and to surpass their competitors. Nevertheless, professional networking opens up some limitations as well. Mainly, the experts claim that the innovative initiative launches a variety of psychological barriers. Thus, the workers, which get used to cyber communication, might gradually become afraid of conducting business affairs in person. Therefore, any business organization must stipulate balancing between personal and network interaction within the company (Harris, 2014).

Networking Support Considerations: Group Training

The essentials of professional networking have to be built within a business organization on a group level. Thus, since the strategy concerns the team of professionals, it is critical to developing a universal background for networking use. The first point for the networking statute creation employs the guidelines for ethical Internet interaction. Thus, every member of a group must be well-acquainted with the etiquette of network interrelations. Specifically, the team must master the typology of business-related greetings, the topic limitations. Moreover, they have to understand whether the emotional coloring of business discussions are appropriate.

Furthermore, professional networking is often conducted on the basis of intercultural communication. Therefore, the specialists must develop a certain level of language proficiency so that to understand the partners from foreign countries. Finally, ethical networking pertains to timing efficiency. In other words, business organizations have to treat this type of business interaction as real-life appointments. Therefore, every networking connection has to be planned in advance.

Furthermore, it might be beneficial to predetermine the durability of professional networking meetings so that to make efficient use of business time resources. Besides, physical comfort plays a critical role in the practice of business networking. First of all, the subsidiary noise distractions, as well as a slow network connection or inappropriate lighting, may hinder the quality of Internet communication. The group has to consider that the sphere of business, primarily the area of medicine and public health, is susceptible to emergencies and unpredictable situations. Therefore, the working group must be prepared for establishing a random networking contact (Myers, Endres, Ruddy, & Zelikovsky, 2012).

Consequently, the business organization has to train the specialists on connecting to the partners under such circumstances. In this context, it is critical to understand that a worker must be ready to introduce himself and the matter of the call in a clear and concise way so that to emphasize the need for connection. Thus, the complex training on professional networking skills includes a variety of ethical and circumstantial implications.


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