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Professional Standards of Science and Mathematics Report

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Standards in teaching practices are of crucial importance for several reasons. The defining of correct standards, enable the professionals in their respective field to gauge the areas to learn and improve upon in their process of teaching. The study and definition of standards also enable the growth and personal development of the professionals in their respective fields. As such there are some essential standards in the domains of science and mathematics.

Professional Standards for Teaching Science

Professional standards in the teaching of science require immensely talented professionals to have an in-depth knowledge of not only the syllabus of science but also how this knowledge should be imparted and the likely students. Not only are they required to know their curriculum of science, but also have an innate understanding of the subject of science and its co-relations with other syllabi.

They must have excellent communication skills with their students so that they can effectively explain theories, laws, assessment of proofs, hypotheses, and most importantly the precise terminology to explain their points of view as well as comprehend others’ points of view.

Highly trained and accomplished teachers of science have an excellent knowledge of the current methods of teaching and learning theories and practices. They have a deep knowledge of their subject and also the precise techniques of transferring this knowledge to the students in an effective manner. They can employ newer strategies to successfully communicate the important aspects of the curricula.

Effective teaching in the current scenario makes it vital for efficient science teachers to effectively integrate the curricula with Information and Communication Technologies for the all-important purposes of data collection, simulation, and other research functions.

Highly talented tutors of science have an excellent experience and knowledge for accessing the works of the students and the importance of feedback for the development of students’ knowledge.

Efficient and trained teachers will have a profound knowledge of their students’ cultural background and perceptions. They also have an excbackgroundslity to gauge the students’ capabilities and the factors which need to be taken into account when planning the teaching of curricula. These factors include tradition and cultural heritage, social mobility among friends, specific fields of interests or hobbies, and also the domestic environment from where the students come to study.

Efficient teachers of science crate friendly, educative, and safe learning atmosphere. The approach is learner-centered and excellent teachers enable the students to interact and exchange viewpoints by encouraging respect for others’ views and display extreme fairness in judging the students. Diversity in a class is used effectively by high-quality teachers to develop diverse perceptions.

Good teachers must create a safe and secure environment where there is no scope for bias of any kind or even abuse in any form. An excellent teacher will never tolerate and encourage such behavior from anyone, whosoever.

Highly accomplished teachers encourage the students’ curiosity and diversity in reasoning. In this way, they promote feelings of determination and self-confidence among students so that they can aspire and achieve the set goals in life.

Professional Standards for Teaching Mathematics

Highly efficient mathematics teachers have precise information of the students’ social and cultural backgrounds in which they have learned mathematics and also their preferred techniques of learning, which determines their development of confidence due to the positive learning outcomes. The qualified teachers will know to use the appropriate techniques in teaching the particular levels or grades in the mathematics curriculum. They will impart to the students, the co-relation and importance of mathematics to society and how this knowledge can apply to all domains in life. The efficient mathematics teachers will have the updated knowledge of the current theories and practices of mathematics, and how best they can put these theories to use in imparting the knowledge to students in an effective manner. In doing so, they will develop confidence and pleasure in learning the subject and thereby help in the development of positive attitudes among students.

The efficient teachers will promote and ensure parental feedback and support when teaching the students and will assimilate modern Information and Technology to impart the knowledge interestingly.

Excellent attributes of mathematics teachers include the ability to reflect enthusiasm and focus in teaching the curriculum with respect and care towards the students. Commitment is an important attribute of good mathematics teachers which is reflected by their assimilation of newer techniques and resources to make the subject interesting to the students.

Active and efficient teachers of mathematics ensure parental support and feedback in the development of the students’ knowledge. They also undertake outdoor activities by planning effective strategies for elucidating the importance of mathematics in the outside world. This not only initiates and builds interest among the students but also develops their knowledge of the application of mathematics in the practical world.

Efficient teachers of mathematics foster an encouraging learning atmosphere for the students, one in which the students’ culture, background, and mental agility are taken into account by the teacher. Planning is a crucial aspect that an experienced teacher undertakes by acquiring knowledge of the diversity of the class and accordingly plans and formulates strategies to arouse curiosity among students and develop their overall ability to think and reason.

Efficient teachers can access the students fairly without any bias, thereby promoting their development in the subject. Feedback remains an important technique for improving the students’ mathematic abilities.

The efficiency and excellence of teachers in imparting education are important criteria that foster a good and conducive learning atmosphere among students. By ascertaining that the education is learner-centered, the quality of education improves and the mental ability of students to apply the acquired knowledge in every aspect of life increases manifold. An efficient teacher must make the gaining of education a good learning experience, one which stays with the student through entire life.

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