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Psychiatric Issues: Schizophrenia’s Demystify Essay

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Updated: Mar 22nd, 2020


Schizophrenia, in contrast to what many believe is not a multiple or split personality disorder. The term refers to the interference with the common contemplation and emotions.

In fact, it is often regarded as an extreme brain disorder. Patients suffering from this brain condition construe things abnormally. It may result in diverse complications such as severe thinking conditions, delusions, hallucinations, and conduct. The purpose of this study is to demystify schizophrenia as is commonly known to individuals as a condition that threatens the lives and wellbeing of those around.

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The website was founded in 1995 founded on an awareness of the disease. The web is an internet community that is dedicated to the provision of high-quality data, elucidation, and assistance to the kin, providers, and persons that have been impacted by the condition. The site does not have affiliations with the psychosomatically associated corporate. Instead, the website founders endeavor to offer steadfast and scientific revelations regarding schizophrenia.

The founders of this site hold that schizophrenia is a condition that anybody can contract. Consequently, they urge that the public should seek information on how to handle individuals with the disease. Although they acknowledge that the condition is primarily irreversible, they urge scholars to research on the subject in pursuit of remedies for the condition (Chiko, 2014).


Mayo clinic is another website that gives concentrated efforts towards demystifying the issue of schizophrenia. The website notes that schizophrenia is a chronic condition that requires lifelong treatment. It offers the visitors of the site information requisite for identifying the condition including the symptoms and any other related information.

Schizophrenia is a persistent and disabling mental disorder that primarily occurs in the late years of teenagers and early mid-years. The condition is prevalent with the rate accumulating up to over one percent of the global population.

The condition has profound repercussions on victims and relatives considering the far-reaching financial, social, and personal impacts of the condition. Persons suffering from schizophrenia have an increased possibility of being homeless and unemployed. In essence, schizophrenia costs the US accumulative baggage of more than $65 billion. Unfortunately, the precise etiology of the condition is yet to be determined.


The beginning of schizophrenia signs primarily happens between late adolescent and mid-thirties. The victims of the condition before the age of 17 years are regarded as having an early start to schizophrenia while others below this age are considered as having very first occurrence of schizophrenia. Epidemiological research indicates that men tend to have an earlier onset of schizophrenia. Also, men stand higher chances of experiencing significantly increased disease discourse.


The precise cause of schizophrenia has not been established. However, it is suspected to originate from multi-factorial and heterogeneous elements. In essence, families with the condition do not register psychoses of the same. The probability of schizophrenia increases with the genetic component of parents affected with the same condition. The genetic affinity of a parent suffering from the condition increases the possibility of children getting the condition.

The environmental factors including increased exposure to cannabis during teen years and the disadvantages in social class increase the chances of contracting schizophrenia. Maternal infection and stress in the gestation period are also associated with contracting schizophrenia. Increased paternal age during the conception period is also associated with over a double fold increased risk of the child developing schizophrenia.


Neuroanatomical alterations

Magnetic resonance images in neuroanatomical alterations indicate the reduced volume of the brain and grey matter as a whole. However, the ventricles are said to increase. The lobe areas including the superior temporal gyri, thalamus, and hippocampus reduce significantly. Research suggests that disruptions in the growth of the cerebral equilibrium contribute to the etiopathogenesis of the condition (Tandon, Nasrallah & Keshavan, 2009).

Neurotransmitter abnormalities

Among the major causes of schizophrenia sign according to studies is the dopaminergic dysfunction. The dopaminergic dysfunction systems that play an essential role in cognitive and downbeat signs are associated with schizophrenia. Contemporarily, there is empirical evidence indicating that glutatergical malfunction may lead to schizophrenia.

Clinical Progression

Schizophrenia is a mental condition that demands a continuous treatment process. The condition may occur rapidly given that it is mainly gradual in its development. That is, it progressively manifests itself through various signs. The victims of the condition demonstrate divergent cognitive and psychological identifiers of the disease. Besides, patients suffering from the disease indicate slowed language and motor growth.

Also, they have a shorter concentration span given that they experience emotional disconnect and social isolation. The prodromal stage of schizophrenia is indicated subclinical psychotic signs. The patients are moody, negative in feelings, experience operational decline, and lack cognitive aptitude (Javitt, 2014).

Schizophrenia Symptoms

When the condition occurs in men, it manifests itself in the early twenties. However, in women, it occurs in the late twenties while the condition is not common among children. Interestingly, the condition is hardly seen in individuals beyond forty-five years. However, there are signs that an individual has been affected by the condition. Javitt (2014) claims that among the signs experienced are delusions. From the articles, delusion refers to bogus beliefs that are not founded on reality.

One may have the perception that they are being harassed or deliberately injured by another. The condition is popularly referred to as paranoia. The victims feel that specific comments or actions are aimed at them in most cases. In some instances, those experiencing the condition feel that they harbor the capacity to act against these tribulations. Research has identified that four out of every 5 individuals suffering from schizophrenia experience delusions.

Hallucinations are other symptoms of schizophrenia. They entail hearing or seeing things that do not necessarily exist at that moment. However, individuals with schizophrenia experience the influence of a typical human. For instance, audible voices to the victim are the common indications of schizophrenia.

Additional medical considerations

Individuals with schizophrenia are noted to have a higher rate of mortality. Their lifespan is reduced by approximately twenty years. Despite the contemporary improvements in solving the conditions of schizophrenia, the rate of deaths for these specific patients has been increasing in the last thirty years.

Schizophrenia patients have an increased rate of suicide. Most males with schizophrenia have recorded an increase in suicide ideation. In addition, males have poorer adherence to treatment. Interestingly, schizophrenia victims of the female gender are not susceptible to suicide but are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases (Javitt, 2014).


Schizophrenia is a persistent mental condition with various etiologies. It requires long-term treatment irrespective of gender. Modernly, there is no specific diagnosis for schizophrenia. There are many challenges that face both clinicians and victims of the disease. It is imperative to talk to the victims of the condition. Though one cannot coerce the victims to seek medical assistance, offering encouragement and relevant support is essential.


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