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Purpose of the Qatar 2022 Campaign Research Paper

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Updated: Dec 7th, 2019

The campaign for the 2022 world cup bid by Qatar was a substantial step in the football field. World cup events have not been a Middle East affair and the Qatar 2022 campaign aimed at ending this culture. In the past times, the western countries have always shown interest in hosting football world cups leaving out most of the regions in the world.

The western countries had the financial capability to host the event, and this was not easy for other regions to attain. In addition, the other regions or nations could not guarantee security for the event especially for the Arab countries.

For this reason, Qatar forwarded its bid for the task followed by a crucial campaign that saw them get the opportunity to be world cup hosts. The campaign focused on showing the ability of Arab countries to host the event that has always been for the western countries. The campaign was under the leadership of a committee headed by the son of the current Emir of Qatar- Mohammed bin Hamad.

Launch of the Campaign and Participants

The committee launched the campaign in November 2009 that was to take place across the country. The campaign was to last till December 2010 when the appointment for the 2022 world cup host was to be announced. The campaign was to take place through different mediums, which included billboards, television adverts, and even radio.

The advertisements were to be through out the country together with other Arab countries. Advertising in other Arab countries would help Qatar gain support from the nations. The objective of the world cup bid was to show the capability of Arab countries to host the football event that will reduce the gap between the two regions-Western and Arab.

The main content on the advertisements of Qatar 2022 campaign bid was to show the countries resources and materials that would enable the country to host the event. Showing the country’s football stadiums and other infrastructure will convince the voters of the country’s capacity. Other advertisements had the Arab people expressing their joy and optimism of their region hosting the event. This would also be a plus in Qatar getting the vote for 2022 world cup hosts.

Final Bid Ceremony

Her Highness the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin khalifa Al-Thani was in attendance, in the final bid ceremony that would see Qatar manage to be the 2022 world cup hosts. Besides attending the final ceremony, Her Highness Sheikha Mozah took part in the presentation by addressing the members of the FIFA Executive Committee.

In her speech, HH Sheikha explored the subject of the Middle East hosting the world cup tournament emphasizing that it was the appropriate moment for the move. Hosting the world cup event in Middle East would change the image of the region such as addressing humanitarian aspects.

Other people in attendance in the final bid ceremony included the Qatar 2022 Bid Committee chair and CEO HE Sheikh Mohammed and Hassan Abduallah respectively. Renowned coach Milutinovic Bora addressed the people present together with an Iraqi student Mohammed Nofal.

In his speech, the student expressed his optimism on the positive impacts of football sport in the Middle East region. The Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister Sheikh attended in the final bid ceremony. The ceremony was held at Zurich Exhibition Centre with almost seventy television stations airing the proceedings.

The news, during the final bid ceremony, included the bidders’ final presentations to the announcements of the winners. The media also aired the post-announcement press conference that analyzed the outcomes. Bidders for the 2022 FIFA World cup included Australia, Japan, Korea Republic, the USA, and Qatar. The ceremony ended with FIFA boss Sepp Blatter announcing Qatar as the winners for the 2022 world cup bid.

Traditional Rhetorical Criticism Perspective

The above analysis in regards to Qatar’s 2022 world cup bid is intriguing as it enables people to understand the impact of several matters. The campaign for the 2022 bid was a massive one with several stakeholders and countries taking part to ensure that Qatar clinched the position.

The major factors behind the success of the bid included an intensive campaign and several speeches by renowned people in the Middle East region. The interesting part of this analysis is the process by which Qatar managed to emerge successful in their 2022 bid for the tournament.

The bidding process included other powerful western countries, but, through the intensive campaigns and support from other Middle East countries, the nation won the bid. The best explanation for the above analysis is traditional rhetorical criticism perspective.

Rhetorical perspective comprises of ethos, pathos and logos. Having identified that one of the success factors for the bid win is the speeches by several influential people in the Middle East. In turn, it is indispensable to understand that these people used the three pillars that are essential in public speaking. Ethos, pathos, and logos form the basis of every eloquent speaker (Human Rights Watch, 2012).

Ethos focuses on the credibility or personality of the speaker while logos refers to the logical argument presented by the speaker. On the other hand, pathos is the emotional connection the speaker has with the audience. Put together the three pillars form persuasive appeals, which a speaker requires while making their speeches and presentations (Thyssen, 2011).

Before a speaker can influence an audience in to accepting any information presented by the speaker, it is essential that he or she proves to be acceptable. On this note, Qatar 2022 bid committee chose the most credible in the region to present their ideas on the bid.

Having credible people in the region supporting the Qatar 2022 bid was a plus to the whole event. For instance, Her Highness Mozah Sheikha presented a speech that moved the audience. Sheikha is a smart woman with a congenial personality and she expressed this in her speech at the bid presentation.

Sheikha’s credibility was through her vast knowledge of the World Cup games that she applied in the speech to convince the FIFA committee to choose the Middle East nation as the host for the event. It is noteworthy as a speaker that the audience respects, believes, and acknowledges the information presented.

The chairman of the 2022 Qatar bid campaign also presented a speech during the presentation ceremony. Sheikh Mohammed’s speech was extremely vast as he tried to capture the interests of the entire Middle East region. Sheikh exhibited the ethos aspect by speaking about football passion amongst the Arab communities stating the significance of Qatar hosting the event.

To support the Qatar choice as the host for the tournament, Sheikh cited once case where the country took less than twenty days to organize the junior World cup in 1995.

On the other hand, pathos handles the aspects of credible arrangement by the speaker that appeals to the audience’s feelings. Emotional connection in communication comes about in various ways including telling of stories and presentation of facts about the subject. The speaker needs to make use of words that evoke feelings from the audience (Kuypers, 2009).

Citing Her Highness Sheikha Mozah speech, she gave vast information on the previous world cups that the entire audience moved. Since this was a football bid ceremony, the speakers at the ceremony provided information regarding the sport that showed their interest in the sport.

Sheikh Mohammed presented information about Qatar giving credible support to the bid. Past activities the country took in relation to the sport were convincing enough to show that Qatar had the capacity to host the tournament. Finally, a logos focuses on the speaker’s ability to present the audience with a logical argument concerning the subject.

The message of the speaker should be rational basing on different notable facts, evidence and statistics. The speeches of the different speakers at the event had information on Qatar and the world cup event that was convincing enough. Among the stated facts about Qatar included stadiums and available accommodation for people attending the event (Drout, 2006).

The CEO of the Qatar 2022 bid campaign Hassan Al-Thawadi presented this information supporting each statement with recent statistics and financial support. On security issues, the speakers promised the best possible security for everyone in the country before and after the event.

Another notable disturbing issue is that of climate as they anticipated hot temperatures, which would be unfavorable for the event. The campaign team presented information on the crucial steps the country will take to ensure favorable weather and climate for everyone in the stadium.

From the above analysis of the concepts of traditional perspective, it is almost certain that communication calls for the tree pillars to convince the audience. Employing the three concepts of logos, ethos, and pathos leads to effective communication, hence, yielding positive results.

A speaker can back various facts using pictures and visual advertisements that can be instrumental in moving the audience.

The use of different speakers will also make communication effective and relevant. The different speakers should present different, convincing information, and avoid repetition. Several insights develop from the concepts of traditional rhetorical perspective that connects with communication. For instance, the expansion of a speech is a result of the concepts of the perspective (Kuypers, 2009).


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