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Quality Management System Issues Essay

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Updated: Mar 27th, 2021

Importance of documentation

Documentation is the practice of recording policies, goals, actions, and other vital processes in an organization. Certainly, this practice plays a significant role in any organization since it makes it easy to manage and organize a business. It is imperative to note that documentation enables management to evaluate and assess the performance of a business. Notably, by recording daily activities in an organization, it makes it easy to pinpoint some errors that occur within a given period. Needless to say, documentation helps managers to allocate and utilize resources effectively. In line with this, it is arguable that the practice enhances accountability.

For instance, in case there arises a conflict related to business operations; one can produce written evidence as valid proof. Moreover, documentation makes it easy to codify procedures that are to be followed in an organization, a factor that fosters coordination. In this case, it streamlines numerous processes and makes it easy for workers to act as expected. Also, documentation has a significant role in auditing. Notably, it also makes it possible to take action against the violation of policies within the organization.

What is the integrated management system and how the elements that can be integrated?

The integrated management system can be defined as a process of combining or putting together all management practices in an organization. Therefore, it involves establishing links between integral parts of management in an organization to ensure that they function collectively and not independently. From a careful review of literature, it is definite that integrated management is a system where crucial parts of management function coherently, a factor that enables an organization to fulfill its goals and missions effectively.

Besides, the integrated management system has some common elements even though they vary from one organization to another depending on activities and requirements. Additionally, these elements serve as a single functional system.

Needless to say, numerous criteria are used to merge or integrate elements into a management system. For instance, elements can be merged depending on their roles. Therefore, elements that have similar roles are integrated to create a common working portfolio. Additionally, they can be integrated based on their relevance and applicability in an organization. For example, there are management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IS0 22000 that are often relevant in any organization, and hence they can be integrated into management systems.

Roles and responsibility matrix in ISO 14001

The matrix ISO14001 has numerous series each with its responsibility and roles. Therefore, it can be defined as a chain of standards that aim at maintaining an environmental management system. Besides, one of the roles of the matrix is to provide technical specifications that may be used in EMS. Besides, the series of standards in the matrix also formulate and implement environmental policies to ensure sustainability.

One of the chief roles entails planning on environmental aspects. In this case, the management system sets objectives, establish programs and targets meant to ensure that the environment is kept safe. Moreover, it also responds and enhances preparedness for emergencies. Furthermore, the series in the matrix evaluate the compliance of the prevailing policies and operations to meet the set goals. In line with this, it gives them the mandate to act against non-conformity as well as taking preventive actions and other corrective measures.

From a careful review of literature, it is definite that the ISO matrix is also involved in training and creating awareness on environment management. Therefore, it ensures that information is provided periodically in the organization to ensure that workers exercise their roles in an environment-friendly manner.

Emergency preparation, what needs to be monitored, calibrated, and measured

For an organization to be able to operate in conformity with ISO 14001 emergency preparedness and response, it should focus on its ability to put in place a concrete strategy of responding to emergencies. This entails three aspects of the ISO 14001 standard. To begin with, organizations must have mechanisms of identifying possibilities of emergencies such as accidents. Secondly, they should set emergency preparedness and methodologies of responding to emergencies. Thirdly, organizations are supposed to institute mechanisms of evaluating and revising all the procedures to ascertain their appropriateness.

Preparedness and response to emergency standards apply in an entire organization. In this section, thorough preparation is critical. The process includes monitoring of potential impacts, distribution patterns of emergencies, identification of specific accidents, and the tracking of all hazardous occurrences. The above aspects are developed into procedures that help in eliminating the chances of risk. The response procedures are tested periodically to ensure that they remain in good condition.

Importance of OHSAS 18001: 2007

The OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification standards offered to companies that have high-risk environments and heavy tasks is an important requirement. Apart from defining the labor and health protection procedures, the standard gives organizations numerous benefits. It makes it possible to create an accident-free environment. This certification assists organizations in minimizing disturbances in production by the reduction of accidents.

It ensures employee safety. It helps in making companies more compliant with legal regulations. This has led to the emergence of a pool of well-performing professional companies. Studies reveal that companies that have adopted this standard enjoy lower costs of administration. The general quality of production is also improved in production centers due to improved safety. This is achieved by the adoption of better brand building techniques. Companies that operate in safe conditions have a unique ability to attract viable manpower. The OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification affects the decisions made by insurers. It is proven that insurance prices are lower in places that have safe operational procedures. Besides, public liability insurances are boosted by the standardization of operations in companies.

OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001 is based on the principle of creating a state of safe commercial operations across the world. The basis of this standard is to enhance the well being of all industries in an economy. As such, OHSAS 18001 takes several approaches in doing this. For instance, it seeks to eliminate risks that face employees as well as any other involved party. This is because all the activities carried out to drive economies are associated with OH&S risks.

The phenomenon of implementing, maintaining, and continually improving risk management is an invaluable foundation. The expected conformance by organizations and professional entities is a development to the balance of safe living. The registration of bodies into the OH&S management system elevates organizations into more stable positions.

The standard works well in planning, executing as well as evaluating organizational procedures. It also advocates for the proper management of a methodical framework. In essence, it starts by understanding the current situation to set targets. This is followed by the implementation of organizational planning which is usually supposed to pay more focus on monitoring the given standards. The latter leads to a review phase which mainly helps in determining what went wrong and what has been achieved. Finally, the PDCA cycle is completed by probing whether any improvements have been attained.

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