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Reality Television, Its Nature and Effect Essay

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Updated: Aug 27th, 2021

The Francine prose’s assertions are in one way very true by my understanding of human nature. Reality television has created much impact on the general society through its postings and news broadcasting. I do not like to undermine the vital role it has played in making a universal awareness of what is happening to the world over, in the past decades. I would like first to air my views that their programs have been well networked and devoted to exclusive concerns on the realities of what is happening within the states. This has made it to be popular and many people have embraced its programs. (Katie, 2002)

However, one of the greatest impacts that have been created is that of colonization of the human mind. The colonizing consequence that reality television has had on popular media builds it an affluent site from which to explore many puzzling questions about our state desires and anxieties. This is to means that like it or not, reality television has much to tell us about our various dreams and identities as well as ruining of our society. Examining much on its work, there is the enormous result that proves reality televisions that do not link to our national identity both in by cultural critics and in the development of the state.

Reality television’s result on the audience is a subject that has been broadly studied in the past three decades of years, and its impact expands farther than most people can realize. While many swots have determined how television programs such as news and daytime dramas, emerge to be real, they have also focused on how these do alter the viewers’ perception of reality and social interactions. Nevertheless, recent new trend in the reality television has been faced on the screen and it appeared to have been taken over. Reality television is going beyond the set of connections and hence polluting the viewers’ minds with distorted pictures of reality, leaving at the back and even bigger effect than that of regular television. (Katie, 2002)

The effects of reality television on the viewers’ perception on the reality are detrimental; hence their presentations can only be viewed by individuals rather than a group. The subjects’ matters of their presentations put some of the people into to frustrations of what is happening in the outside world. This leads to the assertion that reality is an individualized and zero-sum society with the deception that this is the world’s reality.

It was correct for Francine prose’s assertion that reality is a Darwinian battlefield in which only the fittest survive. This reality television has caused a lot of surprising acts in many parts where they have gone on reality shows. Its impact on society has been of greatest worry; their shows have changed people’s way of behavior and many have been left wondering on the right way to follow. (Katie, 2002)

However, on my view, the past couple of years have been the growth of equally worrying phenomena in the guise of a reality television show in its various shapes from a range of pictures and dramas all of these shows seemed to perpetuate the message that eminence and luck was just one digested beast away for those who seek it. This message is worrying for its not nurturing the norms of the society, hence spreading the zero-sum society that will be there in the future. These kinds of messages of reality television in their programs send out a negative impression to young people who see it as the easy way to make a living and by its nature within their grasp.

Prose’s assertion required that the broadcasting station improve and not forget the good ideas of someone who aspires to make his life through their TV programs by gaining a good basic education followed up by specialist study at a drama college where you are somewhat prepared for a career. However, he noted with much concern the principal role is not focused on these virtues and progressive programs.

The real presence of it is too spreading of vice throughout the countries by letting people know the ant- human act. They mostly disclose things to get yourself on their show sleep with someone or show yourself to be a total fruitcake or just plain think and you get your television show. (Katie, 2002)

On the other hand, reality television should be famed for its wider contributions to social awareness. But, years ago many people have realized that they had a duty of care to those young people who enter the profession of football, where the majority fail in their education and start to ensure that trainee players also get careers advice. Although they were encouraged to study maybe one day in the future reality television, the trainees have to follow a comparable approach to reality shows as they realize that, a whole host of young children growing up with an expectation of getting in the public interest. This turns to be another reality show following their struggle to get an education.

There are some shows which oppose this habit, one of them being the beginner. This is because, if reality television wants to assist the novice and the poor, it should not do it at the expense of misusing the young people. This is to be more individualized and the survival for the fittest principle would largely apply. Hence, it would be advisable for reality television to close its door and let the youth and the community as whole nurture its virtues by working on its own. They can survive by earning their daily meals from other means liking on factories. (Katie, 2002)


Katie, S. (2002): Telefragging Monster Movies: The History and Culture of Video Games: London.

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