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Responsibility and Accountability Management Essay

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In any work place, management, responsibility, and accountability are indispensable terms. Employees have the responsibility of ensuring that they accomplish all duties assigned to them. To portray their responsibility, employees are obligated to try their best to deliver their assignments in a timely and professional manner. Management is an indication of power, where, managers have the authority to give orders to their subordinates and influence them to work according to their policies.

Through all ways and means, the managers should have the power to influence their subordinate staff to obey them. Lastly, accountability is an act of being liable for one’s actions. Employees are answerable for their general performance, and the managers take accountability of the entire institution. Employees who fail to deliver their duties are accountable to their immediate supervisors.

They have to explain the reasons as to why they were not able to perform as expected. Management, responsibility, and accountability are inter-related terms that apply in personal lives. This paper will try to relate the three terms to the lives of students in the university.

Management, responsibility, and accountability in university students

Universities are high-level educational institutions where students study to obtain educational degrees and do extensive researches. Students in the university meet and integrate with different people from all over the globe. The academic freedom in the university is immeasurable, and students have the supremacy to choose what is right for them. In many cases, university students are advised to be their own managers. They ought to be responsible and accountable for their own lives.

Since they are their personal managers, students are in charge of their lives, where, they have the power to control themselves from participating in unethical behaviors. Good personal managers will control their choice of friends, their choice of actions, and their choice of direction in every incidence. On the other hand, poor managers are swayed by peer pressure.

They will do things to please their friends regardless of the consequences of their actions. The reality is that poor managers will blame others for their misfortunes in the future; however, they ought to learn that everything that happens in their lives is a result of a choice that they made earlier.

Responsibility is the foundational principle that obligates students to embrace the rightful behaviors that bring success and happiness in their entire life. Responsible students will always make the right choices in any dilemmatic situation. In a case where students have to choose between going for entertainment and going for classes, a responsible student would opt to attend classes and forego the entertainment session.

Responsible people will experience the joy of being able to control their lives, and they will make the right choices because they are aware that they will account for everything that they choose to do. Responsible people will take time to listen to their heart and mind. They will foresee the consequences of an action, and thereby make the best choice of all the possible alternatives.

Accountability is a moral principle that will obligate university students to do the right thing at the right time. Responsible students who fail a test can account for their poor performance, whereas irresponsible students cannot have the basis to give significant reasons behind their failure. Responsible students will always account for the time that they stayed in school, while irresponsible students will have wasted some considerable time in school.

Missing classes is a customary thing in the university. Some students may miss classes occasionally due to unavoidable circumstances; however, others miss classes for lame excuses, and they cannot account for the time lost. Students who have a habit of missing classes are irresponsible of their own lives.

They will always blame the lecturers and their peers for their poor performance in exams. Essentially, irresponsible students will tend to declare that every misfortune in their life is someone else’s fault. However, they usually realize their mistakes when it is too late. Cases have happened where some university students fail to graduate in time for various reasons. In most incidences, the underlying reason is the lack of authority, responsibility, and accountability of one’s life.


In real life, there is no particular corrective measure to influence authority, responsibility, and accountability of personal life. However, the manner of upbringing children, and the environment in which children are raised are somewhat related to the ability of children to take responsibility for their own lives. Therefore, parents should learn to nurture their children responsibly, and they should advise them in every step of their lives.

From one time to another, children should attend guidance and counseling classes to obtain some mentorship. Students should have a role model, and they should learn to work towards attaining what their role models have achieved. Lastly, university students should learn to take responsibility for their lives. They should learn to stand by their feet, refuse to do things because of peer pressure, and most importantly, they should learn to be accountable for all their actions.

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