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San Jose California Cultural Landscape Essay

The United States have become a home to many cultures and nations in a rapidly developing environment and innovations. San Jose, located in California is one of the central cities of the region and is thought to be a place of several different races. It is a modernized and well developed place of opportunity and offers great potential to people. Cultural diversity can be observed all over the United States and San Jose is not an exception. More specifically, Hispanic people are a part of history and heritage of the city. The history goes back to year 1777 when San Jose became a town with a predominantly Spanish population (Regua 5).

The climate and geography of San Jose makes it a unique place with benefits but also negative sides that some places do not have. Because it is located close to the San Andreas Fault, it can be said that earthquakes are somewhat common. Guadalupe River that runs through the regions is thought to be one of the main sources of water and has been significant historically, in relation to early farming. The climate is very pleasant with many days of sunshine and subtropical temperatures. The fact that it is located some distance away from the Pacific Ocean makes the climate warmer, as the cold currents do not have predominant effect on the temperature. The winters are mild with the coldest temperatures not lowering below -10 C and a summer average of 23-35 degrees (Johnson 11).

Today, Hispanics make up a large group of the American people, and the culture of San Jose has become diversified by the influence and culture. The city is prosperous in many areas, as the technology is developing with the center in the Silicon Valley. In comparison to people struggling, there are many who have accomplished a lot in the corporate world, establishing the group as of middle-class and well-educated. But even in such a developed and industrialized city as San Jose there are still racism and discrimination. It is clear to see that there are problems with the introduction, implementation and assimilation of people of different cultural backgrounds. Even though discrimination has become unacceptable and frowned upon, there is no denying that it still exists, proving the need to constantly remind of its negativity and damaging effect on the people (Regua 8).

San Jose is very much a modernized city and has many prospective opportunities in the progressing of the sustainable development. San Jose is involved in the social innovation and the ecological prosperity in the movement, which increases the stability of the economy and at the same time, protects the environment and social order. It is focused on establishing a plan in dealing with the climate change, the use of clean energy, an effective transportation system, social sustainable production and consumption, health system, management of the natural resources of the country, social inclusion with demographics and migration. One of the most direct ways that San Jose plans to implement change is through the objective to give an increase to the use and production of efficient energy and its consumption. Also the reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions is one of the biggest goals of the government. The protection of the environment is a great part of the sustainable development (Sinclair 10).

Some of the goals involve the protection of atmosphere, the quality of air, drinking water, land and the general nature that people have an everyday contact with. First, the government must deal with and analyze the usage of the resources and efficiency that will allow for most practical and beneficial consumption. Then, the effort is directed towards the clean energy and the diffusion of the damage that has already been done to the climate. It plans to support its infrastructure by creating more employment opportunities, social programs that will aid those in need and specifically below the poverty line and the interdependence between the society and the government. Other than care for the environment, San Jose is very much devoted to the social sustainability. The relationship between the state and the people must be beneficial for both sides. The human justice and the effective use of resources in dealing with the society are ways to attain the prospects. The use of technology and scientific methods is a part of the plan to bring people of all social structures together (Sinclair 15).

History and people of San Jose possess knowledge that is very specific to the area and which can be used to an advantage. The environment determines the way people lead their lives and what they can offer to each other. Some nations are secluded and their history is not as specific. San Jose has been a major place on the territory of the North America in relation to mercury mining. This has made the city a very busy place with a lot of potential for growth. In comparison to a nation that has well established cities and an intertwined network of several nations, there is much more development in San Jose (Johnson 5). Heritage is an extremely important part of the society and this can be seen in how society functions. The city bases its priorities on the development and so, technology has become the center focus on life. Just like the first years of development, the movement forward continues today. People are able to communicate and cooperate, so that whole of society is interconnected and participating. The modern society of San Jose strives to eliminate any kind of separation between races and people, so that all are able to enjoy an environment free of stress and unfair treatment (Johnson 17).

Tourism is another aspect of social life of San Jose that can be separated as a dominant part of the city’s culture. The nature and climate are very attractive to people from all over the world. It is a fact that there are very many beautiful places in the world that must be visited but sometimes, it is almost impossible because there are no houses or hotels to live in, the conditions in the country are devastating and thus, there is no time to deal with tourism. San Jose is different from these places because it provides care and attention to the needs of anyone who visits. Tourism, in turn, influences the economic and political aspects of the city and so, employment in the industry has become quite popular.

The uniqueness of the specifications of the industry, together with the developing technological advancements, made San Jose a popular destination where people are given an opportunity to see two worlds, past and present. The people and society are a world that is filled with modernization while the nature offers a sight that is untouched and authentic. With the rapid development of tourism, there came to be a number of employment opportunities and they have been greatly increasing. There are very many aspects of life in San Jose that tourists look for. One of the factors that influence the employment opportunities and abilities is the local population and its economic and social conditions. Because San Jose is rather well developed, the government is able to provide opportunities and programs for tourism training and offers jobs, which are accompanied with good working conditions and reputation (Moscardo 26).

Overall, the rich natural environmental, geography and many different people make San Jose a unique place. The indigenous population, Hispanics and Americans have had a lot of time to intermix and create a world that allows everyone to have a chance for prosperity. The climate of San Jose and a great amount of sunny days make people happier, as it has been proven that sunlight has a positive effect on people’s psychology (Gilbert 3). There are several famous educational institutions that rise new generations of developers. San Jose State University offers many different programs and has a Football team that helps young generation in the search for their interests (Gilbert 36).

San Jose is a city of many nations and social divisions but is able to have a goal and unite people with the common dream. The diverse environment and strong social fabric make a prosperous ground for the technological innovations and people take every opportunity to participate in bettering of their city.

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