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Sociology Midterm Essay


Transition from tradition feudal society to modern capitalist society

Karl Marx, Max Webber, Auguste Comte and Durkheim among others are considered to be the fathers of the classical theories and their hypothesizes of the sociology have always had a positive attribute to transformations changes in the society due to the positive ideologies that have been associated with such theories. In this research paper we shall review how Karl Marx has contributed to social change based on his perspective about the society motivated by his passion for change.


Karl Marx was a great social scientist who is always considered to be a great philosopher of all times due to his contributions for better of the society. Although Karl Marx is considered to be a great philosopher and a scholar, his thoughts were not regarded during his time but his ideologies only came to be appreciated after his death. Karl Marx spent most of his time advocating for social change (Lemert, 2008).

According to believes of Karl Marx, social change is the only solution for a better society; in order to attain the necessary social change, there must exist social inconsistency or conflict (Lemert, 2008). For this reason, Karl Marx dedicated himself to focus on the issue of class conflict which is a major crisis in every society.

Feudal society is a form of management which was well developed in Europe especially in England. The feudal system was the most negative system although it was very effective; the system was based on the fact that, the land was owned by the King (Lemert, 2008). The king had all the control over the land which was his personal property.

As such, the King would give some land to the church while the rest of the land was leased out but under strict rules. Besides, the feudal system was based on policies that the land was mostly used for political motives instead of increasing production (Lemert, 2008).

Because the King was in control of all the land under the feudal system, he was the sole decision maker on who would use the land under some conditions.

This system resulted to low production and controlled means of land ownership which was a negative for progress in the society. Due to this reasons, Karl Marx and his followers advocated for changes that would enable mass production for the benefit of the society which marks the step of major transformational from the feudalism to capitalism system (Lemert, 2008).

In this case, the capitalism refers to a developed system of land ownership and means of production which incorporates division of labor and technological changes for improved production. Marxism advocates for transitional from feudalism to capitalism and he also accounts for the reasons why it is appropriate to have such changes in the society today.

According to Karl Marx, the capitalism society is necessary because; first, the capitalist mode of production is much better and focuses on mass production unlike the feudalism system (Stier.net, 2001). The Marxist argues that, the society is growing fast and therefore there is high demand for new goods. The Capitalism system is the ultimate solution since it offers new markets and increases routes of trades; increase in trade also creates demand for the goods which feudalism can not be able to meet.

Secondly, the capitalism system is better because it generates new forms of development such as manufacturing goods (Stier.net, 2001). Conflict in the society is eliminated due to the factor that capitalism advocates for division of labor also contributing to diverse means of production process since different workers are able to perform different types of work at the same time. Additionally, due to division of labor, then news tools are invented to enhance means of production resulting to positive technological progress.

Lastly, the new forms of production are more productive than the feudalism system because it facilitates the “same number of workers to produce more goods” (Stier.net, 2001). Moreover, the system also has motivations such as replacing skilled workers with unskilled workers considering that training a laborer is vey expensive.

Based on all this advantages, the capitalism system is generally transformative even in the agricultural sector because it also emphasizes on agricultural production, new patterns of land ownership, division of labor and therefore it also has positive economical progress (Stier.net, 2001).

Courageous personality and fight for racism

Racism is a subject that has resulted to a major conflict in the world especially towards the start of the 19th century. For this reason many courageous individual have always raised a concern over this issue in order to fight against such form of discrimination as they seek positive change in the society.

In US which is a continent that has both black and white races, racism was much pronounced and today a lot of changes have been seen in the society leading to equality which can be attributed to fearless efforts by numerous renowned Civil Right Activist. One such a leader is W.E.B. Du Bois.

Du Bois was a very well-known intellectual leader and a Civil Right Activist in US during the fast half of the twenty century. As such, Du Bois represented the plights of the African American to seek changes that would oversee segregation and political discrimination against the blacks . For this reason, Du Bois is highly regarded as the father of pan Africanism (Voasnews.com, 2007).

Du Bois with others aired their views through poems and articles that would facilitate change in the American society. Du Bois writings such as “Credo” and “The Independent” mainly campaigned for the African American with a vision to integrate change (Voasnews.com, 2007).

Moreover, Du Bois together with others such as Fredrick McGhee initiated the famous Niagara movement group which campaigned widely for freedom of speech; the movement equally criticized quality training facility that was only meant for the whites, as an alternative they advocated for unity and harmony amongst the conflicting races in order to achieve sound leadership (Voasnews.com, 2007).

Besides, Du Bois also worked for various firms in which he also advocated for changes through his positive writing especially when he worked for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) where his writing reached a great number of the population (Voasnews.com, 2007). Apart from this, Du Bois also encouraged poetry and dramas as a way of promoting African –American history in order to incorporate social change.


Generally, we can be able to see how Du Bois mission was focused to fighting for the black race since he was against the poor and uneducated white who argued that they were superior beings compared to the educated African Americans. Despite the major challenges, Du Bois together with others fought tirelessly and fearlessly to educate and enlighten the population with a mission to eliminate racism. To mark Du Bois’ achievements after his death, both the whites and blacks became united to campaign against racism for a better society.


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