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Sponsorship for 2014 International Ice Hockey Australia Proposal

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Updated: May 17th, 2021

Executive Summary

Most people wonder how the Olympic Games opening event become so lively as well as how fireworks display works. Event management entails planning, coordinating and organising activities and processes, including participants in a given event. Just like in any other activity in a business enterprise, event management faces challenges, which may be either internal or external, for example, when dealing with suppliers.

In order to make this event successful, all stakeholders should play their part and ensure they are committed to team spirit with the aim of achieving a common objective; communication channels should also be clearly defined in order to avoid misunderstanding during the event. Nevertheless, management professionals will have to “work tirelessly in order to create an effective experience, which can be given to the sponsors, stakeholders, stars, guests and spectators” (Masterman, 2014).

In order to ensure that proper work is carried out, this project intends to ensure that every team member works towards completing their work one month prior to the event. This is a nice strategy that will prevent confusion and misunderstandings within the event. Deadlines for action are by the 10th of June 2014. One advantage that is likely to be derived from the event is the opportunity provided to participants and organisers to be creative in order to ensure everyone feels satisfied and motivated by his or her experience when attending the event.

Event managers are required to think and also demonstrate initiative in ensuring the event is a success. Moreover, it is crucial to ensure that the organisation of the event is done in such a way that it attracts the interest of every potential guest to the event, whose experience would last in memory for a long time. This would not only enhance the reputation of the organisers and sponsors but also promote a good relationship between sponsors and organisers.

Our company will ensure strong leadership to all the team players and event management team. In order for the event management team to do its best, it requires strong leadership. As the leader of the event, the company should understand what is important and gain the “ability to spot good compromises and know what is essential to the success of the event marks out an excellent event team leader” (Raj & Musgrave, 2009).

Event Description

There has been a very high demand that has led to the launching of International Ice Hockey, which will be held in July 2014, an event that is intended to be better and bigger than those held before. There would be more games than there were last year, with several teams included in this year’s event, such as the USA and Canada as well as New Zealand and the UK. Moreover, the event will be held in several cities, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, which will provide fans with a great opportunity of attending games at their convenience.

The marketing department intends to create the best out of this event and create a larger market share and also attract a large number of funs compared to the previous events. The marketing team has ensured that proper awareness is made on the live broadcast of all games in order to ensure that those who would not be able to attend the event or those who will miss space inside the arena would still enjoy games by watching on screens (McDonnell and Moir 2014).

Teams of great calibre, which will showcase ice hockey at a professional level, has been put together with the intention of presenting a real and effective experience of Ice Hockey in North America. Canada and the USA will enter the field in order to claim the International Ice Hockey champion’s title and the cup of Douglas Webber, with the eventual winner being determined based on the scores attained.

The two teams are put together so as to play for a very significant cause, which will create awareness through the injury of brains for both the players and fans of ice hockey in Australia. Many injuries have been reported in the Australian ice hockey industry without being taken seriously. Players who get injuries lack special care and treatment, and this has called for assistance. The event also aims at acquiring special clothing and other necessities in order to prevent future injuries for both the players and the funs.

The marketing team has also created strategies that will attract more people to buy tickets and attend the hockey game. Purchasing a ticket to the International Ice Hockey game in July 2014 will enable people to join a draw that will enhance winning ice backstage tour and also is able to meet with the players (Mullin and Sutton, 2007). A digital company known as Ticketek is a well-recognized entertainment company in Australia as one of the leading companies in the market.

The Company has led mobile platforms that have given consumers the ability of browsing, buying and delivering tickets through their phones and also through their iPhone app. We intend to use this company in advertising and selling our tickets, and they have also ensured that a dedicated team of representatives from the call centre that is operating in 138 agencies in Australia will be used (AIHL,2014).

There are so many previous events that have been carried in Australia before by the International Ice Hockey. In 2013 they hosted another event that experienced overwhelming support by acquiring 18,000 individuals within the two nights the game was played. Following the success of the last event held in Melbourne’s Hisense Arena, this year’s event is expected to be even more lively and successful, with a very big attendance expected to register. This event will be held on 11th-12th July 2014 at Perth Arena (IHA 2014, 2014).

The event is targeting an audience of more than 20,000, while effective and efficient strategies are underway to ensure this takes place. This is also being enhanced by ensuring that there is the availability of VIP hospitality options in Sydney, Australia. The VIP areas in Sydney offer reserved gold seating in both sections of the team, 90 minutes period pre-match action, which also consists of finger foods, soft drinks, beer and wine, Souvenir Lanyard celebrity host and entertainment of pre-game and finally show view dining.

There is also a four-hour duration package, which consists of watching every hit, goal and miss from a private area that contains a high bar. The audience will enjoy the game with a buffet dinner and a drink while they watch the thirty players from the globe’s leading teams of Ice Hockey. This will be a true VIP experience that has never been offered before in previous events (Wagen, 2007).

Sponsorship Investment

The sponsorship of this event is essential to both the local community and the International Ice Hockey players and spectators as well. This event will also be important to you as a sponsor in increasing your brand and profile image. The reason it is so important to society is that the event aims and reaching the levels which have been ignored by society and providing aid to the community. The event will highly promote awareness, cause prevention, impacts, education and consequences of neurotrauma injuries and concussions.

The co-founders of this event are two victims of concussions who were professional Ice Hockey Players, and since they suffered throughout their careers, they realized the need for creating awareness. There is long term damage that can be caused by concussions, and many people do not have an idea regarding this information. The damage can also be caused through simple ways such as a child falling while playing and not only while playing sport (Cantu and Hyman, 2012).

It is, therefore, very important to know that this fall can happen to anyone and the only way out is to join together and spread awareness on concussions. Concussions can also be caused by second Impact Syndrome, which is a very rare condition when the symptoms of a previous injury are not well treated. This, in most cases, will result in brain supply loss control, which leads to a pressure increase in the head and can cause brain herniation (Concussions, 2014).

2014 International Ice Hockey Australia is an international event that will attract a large number of international viewers, players, investors and audience. National Australian Bank is among the well-recognized banks in Australia, and it is also an international Company.

This sponsorship gives the company more long term opportunities for linking up with international investors to expand internationally. There are other international investors who are taking part in the event, which enhances healthy competition as well; this is a strategy for marketing and can work out well with your company. The success of this event will lead to a high level of publicity that any company globally would like to be associated with. Therefore, this event provides a good avenue for your company to showcase its products and services to a large fun base expected to attend. Indeed, who would not wish to be associated with successful and positive publicity?

Sponsorship Benefits

This sponsorship will have an influence on many people in our society and thus reduce risks. The sponsorship will educate coaches, athletes, referees and parents on concussions symptoms. Therefore, if someone suffers from a blow in the head, he or she will be able to allow the brain time to heal before going back to the activity; this helps to avoid a second concussion. The sponsorship of this event will also enhance the public image of the company and its brands. Nevertheless, community work and sponsorship is a strategy that most companies are embracing in the current global market in order to achieve a larger market share and increase revenues (Goldblatt, 2008).

National Australian Bank is among the leading global companies in Australia, and this is an opportunity to increase brand protection as well as profile promotion. Competition has become very high in the Australian banking industry, thus calling for sound strategies to preserve the brand image and ensure competitive advantage in the market (Preston, 2012); this may be initiating strategies that competitors cannot copy with ease.

This sponsorship will also benefit the company by introducing it to a new market that it has not ventured into before. The event is targeting a large audience, and most of them lack information and knowledge on banking or about the bank itself. This might be the opportunity for these new customers to know more about National Australian bank, and they might end up becoming customers in the long run.

There is also an opportunity to influence the buying behaviour of the target customer by the company, which would be enhanced by the high credibility of the company. Moreover, the company would receive an added benefit of perceived endorsement through partnering with us in this event. The International Ice Hockey 2014 is an international event that will attract international spectators and other investors as well. This offers an opportunity for meeting new investors who might be interested in carrying out business with your company in the future. The company also has an opportunity of increasing revenue at this time of the month due to so much banking activities that are going to take place.


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