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The Advertisement to Attract Organizational Leaders Essay

Automobile industry is one of the most developed economic sectors in the world, thus, any innovations in the field can contribute to the growth of your profits if you focus on expanding to a country which can be discussed as a right choice.

Follow the successful experience of such giants of the automobile industry as Renault, Volkswagen, and Nissan and provide your organizations with a chance to achieve the similar successes. If your company is growth-minded and it is focused on expansion globally, Spain is the effective choice to complete your goals. Pay attention to many advantages of the Spanish market to start your organizational expansion successfully:

1) Spanish economy is traditionally discussed as rather mature because of the progress in the spheres of transportation and infrastructure and because of the high health and educational status of the country’s population. Being the member of the European Union, the economy of Spain can be discussed as protected from significant negative changes and extreme consequences of the global economic crisis.

2) The situation in Spain can be characterized with references to the positive macro-economic environment appropriate to stimulate the organizational expansion to the country. The economic growth rates demonstrate positive changes dependent on the general progress of the country in relation to its economic and social stability and progress.

Wealth of society increases along with the people’s positive attitude toward free enterprises (Spain: Index of Economic Freedom 2013, 2013). Thus, you will be provided with an opportunity to establish strong business relations with new partners within the industry because of the positive impact of the macro-economic factors on the automobile industry’s development.

3) It is important to focus on the increased profitability of the automobile industry in Spain because of the prolonged tradition to develop this industry and to contribute to investing.

The automobile industry in Spain develops according to the principles of the controlled public spendings and investment freedom associated with business freedom in order to provide the companies with the opportunities to work to gain profits. While gaining profits in Spain, the company’s leaders can speak about the successful organizational expansion which is usually not the final goal, but the effective method to achieve it.

4) The legal nature of the country is also important. The rule of law is the main requirement to expand business activities to Spain. The country is open to intensive investment and associated trade relations, thus, the economy of the country and the development of industries should be based on the rule of law. Spanish judiciary can be evaluated as rather independent and contributing to the economic development of many industries (Spain: Index of Economic Freedom 2013, 2013).

In order to receive the opportunity to use extensive economic advantages associated with the organizational expansion, it is necessary to evaluate all the strengths and weaknesses of the process and to concentrate on the appropriate choice (Tarn & Wen, 2002). To realize the goals based on the idea of the organizational expansion into the automobile industry abroad, it is important to choose Spain because of the benefits and advantages connected with the company’s growth in this country.

Thus, the economy of Spain is open to rather aggressive growth strategies used by organizations within the automobile industry. Furthermore, the economic environment of Spain provides the space for using such approaches as consolidation and complementation as the key methods to achieve the highest goals in relation to the organizational expansion and company’s development.


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