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The Golden Sands Hotel Report (Assessment)

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Updated: Apr 2nd, 2019

Current Situation

The Golden Sands Hotel faces a serious difficulty in financial performance because of insufficient attention given to change management, as well as to the necessity of constant improvement.

The old-fashioned leadership and negligence of the managerial department with regard to constant training and development of personnel negatively contributed to successful financial performance of the hotel.

In addition to inability of hotel managers to encourage creativity and collaboration among their staff, they failed to address the problem of advertising and branding.

Poorly development networks of tourist attraction spots, as well as insufficient customer-oriented approach of service area does not provide a fruitful ground for the company.

The given situation can be worsen because leaders and managers of the hotel fail to practice current leadership models and transformation schemes for introducing change and encouraging the staff to offer innovation and technological advances to the present facilities of the building.

Finally, though commitment of the hotel to the old traditions is commendable, resistance to change will meet the strict demands of the global community.

Tourists are now more attracted by the fine services and recreation facilities of the highest quality, which has always been appraised. Therefore, a considerable shift should be mad to encourage the existing challenges.

HR Actions with Regard to Recruitment and Retention of Appropriate Staff

Reconstructions of the hotel should start with the changes introduced to the human resources management. The point is that the old-fashioned orientation of the hotel is explained by the inability of the staff to adapt to change and accept the modernization process occurred in the external environment.

Managers of the hotel should realize that new training courses and cultural diversity theories should be implemented for the employees to accommodate to a highly competitive environment.

Shift from service-oriented to customer-oriented approach is indispensible to increase the quality of services provided, as well as to enhance the hotel’s respectable image.

Development of new training programs should be oriented on developing new competencies and skills among the employees that would allow them to meet the constantly changing customers’ demands.

In addition, customers should be able to quickly adapt to changes, as well as learn new opportunities and options for improving the quality of the service within the hotel network.

Apart from effective retention strategies, HR managers should introduce a new basis for recruitment.

Though turnover should not exceed the accepted norms, integrating new personnel is necessary for reconstructing the culture of the hotel and producing more shifts and changes in accordance with the requirements of the global market.

Relationship of HR Department with Executive and Business Unit Managers

The managerial department of the Golden Sands Hotel should be aware of the competition and the importance of constant change and innovation within the facilities network.

In this respect, the focus should be made on strict distribution of responsibilities. The distribution should be premised on the principles of solidarity, collaboration, and constant interaction.

Moreover, effective cooperation between business and executive departments is also necessary to provide HR unit with sufficient finance and support. Information and resources exchange is the key to the successful advancement of the hotel business.

In order to enhance the relationships of human resource manager with business unit, it is necessary to work programs oriented on financing training and educational programs encouraging employees to improve themselves, as well as to provide effective social schemes.

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