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Tobacco Manufacturing: Control and Farming Essay

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Updated: May 24th, 2021

Tobacco manufacturing is one of the most profitable businesses in the world as people get addicted to smoking and slowly ruin their health conditions along with vital organs. This industry presents a tremendous problem today as it damages the environment, makes people’s lives shorter, and implies such illegal activities as child labor and contraband. The UAE government should apply high taxes for tobacco to reduce the number of smokers because it is dangerous for health and it may lead to child labor.


It is a well-known fact that smoking causes harm to human inner organs, stamina, and health in general. Although this fact was discovered almost at the end of the previous century, it is widespread in every country nowadays. However, it is essential to remind that tobacco has an adverse impact on human lungs as they dry out after a certain period of intensive smoking (Dinas, Koutedakis, & Flouris, 2013). Dry lungs become black and are not able to function properly. People who smoke start coughing, become nervous, and their bodies often have vitamin deficiencies. Therefore, such diseases as tuberculosis, cancer, insomnia, and other issues may develop in people who consume cigarettes for an extended period.

It is essential to remember that tobacco also negatively influences people who surround smokers. Therefore, some countries established the law that restrict smoking in public places. Multiple cases of young people’s deaths emerge due to their smoking addictions (Dinas et al., 2013). Medical scientists made a research that demonstrated that smokers’ bowels and various canals inside their bodies had a foreign black substance that was very easy to squeeze out of some organs (Dinas et al., 2013). Later, they made an analysis that proved that the substance mentioned above contained nicotine that was poisoning particular organs’ walls during the smokers’ entire lives.

According to the World Health Organization (2017), approximately fifty-four million people passed away in 2015 because of the harm that smoking caused to their immune systems. Nicotine improves the possibility of other serious illnesses or diseases that might occur in smokers because their organisms are not able to confront various viruses. It would be proper to mention that the main factor that leads to smokers’ deaths is a heart stroke.


Another issue presented by the smoking industry is that some factories might illegally use children labor in the future. Moreover, different tobacco farms situated in the Third World countries make children work even today (Hu & Lee, 2015). It is very beneficial for cigarette businesses because their workers do not require many finances (wages or salaries). On the other hand, this activity contradicts the law (Hu & Lee, 2015). There are many cases of illegally employed children’s deaths as they do not have any time to rest or improve their health conditions.


It would be proper to stress that tobacco manufacturing processes are usually organized in the countries that do not have stable economic systems. Therefore, these territories get even more polluted because cigarette factories vent a tremendous amount of toxic substances into the atmosphere. This factor has a negative impact on the local population’s longevity, health, and the environment in general. Smoking business does not only influence health conditions of people who consume its products. Unfortunately, other individuals are obliged to suffer from this industry as well. According to the statistics provided by WHO (2017), the most common death cause in the world is the ischemic heart disease (in the majority of cases it is caused by smoking).

Nowadays, many nursing organizations and associations organize various lectures for students in public schools to tell them about the tremendous harm that smoking might cause to their bodies and lives in general (Hu & Lee, 2015). Adolescence is the period when the majority of serious smokers get addicted to this poisonous and expensive activity. Therefore, it is essential to explain possible outcomes to people in their childhood. Different lectures and social commercials in UAE reduce the rate of smokers and deaths caused by tobacco consuming. Moreover, some educational institutions are obliged to control and impose restrictions on smoking for their students.


Some occupations do not allow smoking under any circumstances as it may influence the quality of people’s work or services that they provide. For instance, a cook who consumes tobacco products loses his or her taste abilities that are essential for identifying and mixing different ingredients properly. Moreover, if a cook has a particular disease caused by smoking (tuberculosis or cancer), this person is not allowed to enter the kitchen (Dinas et al., 2013). Otherwise, some bacteria might be absorbed by certain products that are intended to be served. The case described above is very common because smokers do not want to lose their jobs due to their health issues (Dinas et al., 2013). Therefore, they prefer not to quit and cause harm to their clients, colleagues, and superiors. The example with cook is not the only situation that influences other people’s health. This problem also relates and must be considered by individuals who work as hairdressers, waiters, cashiers, butchers, grocery storekeepers, and so on.

There is another significant factor that people forget while smoking. The prices of cigarettes are getting higher every year (Ekpu & Brown, 2015). Smokers support the tobacco industry by buying millions of cigarette packs on a daily basis. However, not many people notice that their smoking expenses are tremendous. It is estimated that an average American smoker spends approximately six thousand dollars on tobacco products every year (Ekpu & Brown, 2015). The prices of cigarettes are very high because this business functions only to gain profit. It does not help its clients to solve some problems and does not provide useful services. Therefore, it is essential for humanity to stop supporting cigarette companies as they destroy our planet and kill human beings who pay them for poisoning. The UAE government should address this problem by applying additional taxes on cigarette smokers and manufacturers.

Some countries establish special laws that do not allow young people to buy alcohol and cigarettes in supermarkets or other facilities. Nevertheless, they might ask adults to buy them tobacco products for additional payments (Ekpu & Brown, 2015). It would be proper to prohibit stores from selling any items related to smoking. Such strategy might be beneficial for various health organizations as they may not have to deal and spend their finances on the promotion of healthy lifestyle among smokers.


Smoking is the most popular bad habit in the entire world that kills millions of people every year (both active and passive smokers). Moreover, vulnerable populations suffer from this industry as some children work at tobacco farms against their will. Also, cigarette factories vent an enormous amount of toxic chemicals into the air that humans inhale and catch various diseases as a result. It is essential for the UAE government to confront various cigarette businesses and this industry in general to save the lives of new generations and the planet’s eco-system.


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