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Virginia Commonwealth University’s Current Challenges Essay

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Updated: Mar 24th, 2021


In this course of history, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has been critical for serving the educational and social needs of people living in Richmond (Ray 8). To a great extent, it contributed to the economic development of this community. However, this organization currently faces several critical challenges that can impair its growth in the long term. In particular, there is a significant decrease in the enrollment of African-American students, even if one speaks about undergraduate programs (Kapsideus par. 1).

Furthermore, the percentage of black educators in VCU also tends to decline. Thus, some learners and educators may believe that they are marginalized. To some degree, these examples suggest that this university should develop more inclusive policies that can effectively support the needs of people who may represent difficult cultures, races, ethnicities, or linguistic groups. Moreover, one should understand what kind of challenges minority students may face. This task has become particularly important during the last decade during which VCU began to attract a greater number of international students. This is one of the details that should be stressed.

Furthermore, the organization strongly relies on the work of adjunct professors. It should be mentioned that these people hold only part-time posts, and their wages are lower in comparison with tenured faculty. Admittedly, the strategy can reduce the costs of VCU. However, the key problem is that the quality of education can be impaired since many teachers may not be fully committed to the goals of this university.

It is quite likely that they decide to move to a different educational institution. As a result, some students may choose to attend other universities that can be located in Virginia or other parts of the United States. In turn, the administrators of VCU should find ways of addressing these challenges because this objective is important for the sustainable development of this university. These are the main tasks that should not be overlooked by the leaders of VCU.

Admittedly, during the last two decades, VCU has undergone a dramatic transformation. In particular, the university has been able to prove that it can effectively serve the educational needs of people (Hershey 9). Moreover, it does not only appeal to people who cannot afford more prestigious colleges. Furthermore, this name has become recognized throughout Virginia (Peifer par. 4). This is one of the main changes that have been observed.

However, it is vital to make further progress to improve the experiences of learners; otherwise, this university may pass through a period of stagnation. Overall, these difficulties can be overcome through more inclusive policies that can promote diversity in this organization. Moreover, one should speak about the new recruitment strategies that should be aimed at retaining the most competent and motivated professionals. In this way, one can increase the enrollment to this university. These are the main aspects that can be singled out.

Michael Dickenson

In his essay, Michael Dickenson argues that social media are able to transform the work of advocacy groups that try to support those individuals who were previously marginalized or discriminated against. For example, one can speak about the LGBT community. The author states that these tools enable people to share news or personal opinions. For instance, YouTube has often been used to portray the LGBT community in a positive way. Furthermore, these media are useful for promoting certain political agendas. For instance, one can speak about the political campaign which was launched at the time when the Supreme Court had to pass a verdict about the status of same-sex marriage.

Moreover, social media make people less dependent on official media such as the press and television. To prove this point, the author refers to countless posts or videos that can be published on the Web. Moreover, these media can encourage people who are marginalized due to some reasons. For instance, the members of the LGBT community may see that other people adopt a more positive attitude towards them.

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Megan Goldfarb

The essay written by Megan Goldfarb is aimed at proposing new policies regarding the restriction of smoking on the campus of VCU. In particular, existing rules do not fully protect the health of non-smokers. For instance, many of them involuntarily become second-hand smokers. Furthermore, the author states that smokers pay attention to the needs of other people. For example, they are genuinely concerned about the effects of their behavior on the lives of other people.

Apart from that, the writer believes that it is important to respect the rights of these individuals. This is why Megan Goldfarb believes that it is necessary to find a solution that can reconcile the needs of different groups. Finally, the writer argues that the use of designated smoking areas can be a valid solution. To support this argument, she refers to the policies of Berkeley in which this approach has been successfully implemented.

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