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Vulnerable Population in Laurel Essay

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Laurel, Maryland is a home to the aged, who are vulnerable to disease outbreaks, emergencies, financial needs and disasters, among others. These people therefore need care giving services and standby resources that would assist in times of disasters and emergencies, given their vulnerability in responding to such situations.

The county assists these people in various ways. These include rental assistance, provision of subsidized rental houses and maintaining of the environment to befit them. This paper will explore Laurel, Maryland, the vulnerable group in the area as well as resources that Prince George’s County have put in place to assist them (Johnson, 2011, p. 1-48).

Laurel, Maryland

Laurel is a city in the United States, which is located in the Northern part of Prince George’s County, Maryland. It also lies in Howard and Anne Arundel Counties. It has a population of over 20000. Residents include the aged who are over 60 and vulnerable to various problems, such as health, abuse, finance as well as accommodation, among others.

The Vulnerable communities in Laurel face several challenges. Among these problems, include addiction to drugs, housing problems, as these groups of people are usually needy. Housing is a big problem in Laurel for the vulnerable. They are usually assisted by the state and non-governmental organizations by offering subsidized rental houses as well as rental assistance to some of them.

Special needs of this group in times of disaster

Price Georges’ County is also a home to the aging community who need assistance. These people need caregiving , maintained health as well as good social welfares that enable them to be independent. The aged also face other problems such as abuse, which may include physical, psychological or sexual. They need protection against such problems, among others (Madlyn, 2011, p. 1).

Community resources are currently available in Prince Georges’ County

Maryland to help this group

Prince George’s County is surrounded by primary emergency services that help the community in fire outbreaks as well as rescue squad. The companies are Laurel Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue squad. The county also offers several services with availed resources. These include Adult day care centers that provide programmed day care activities for adults to enhance their well-being. The services are run throughout the week except the weekends.

They are operated in secure, cheerful and supportive environment. Other services include trips and tours as well as nutritious meals for the aged. The County also provides disaster response services to the residents in Laurel.

The County also provides resources and information that assist in restraining elders’ abuse, through various agencies such as the department of family services, which include administration on aging elder abuse outreach. Other assistance provided is financial help to cover for health and food assistance for this group of people (Johnson, 2011, p. 1-48).


Laurel, Maryland is a home to the aged and serves them by providing almost all their needs. These people are vulnerable to disasters and emergencies. They also have numerous health problems, which require caregiving. Their mobility is also limited, and this means that they require transport assistance. This is because , they are weak and cannot undergo the tiresome activities of the day such as long drives. In response to this, several governmental and non-governmental organizations have put in place mechanisms to help them.

Among these organizations, include Madlyn and Leonard Abramson Center for Jewish life, which provides care giving services as well as rental care to the vulnerable in Laurel, Maryland. Others include the federal government through Prince George’s County, which is availed with several resources aimed at providing assistance whenever required by the vulnerable group (Madlyn, 2011, p. 1).

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