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What Dreams May Come Essay

Chris Nielson was the protagonist in this movie, what dreams may come. The movie started with love and relationship between Chris Nielson and Annie.

They later married with their wedding taking place in a church. Annie was a painter and worked in a museum while Chris was a pediatrician. The couple was later blessed with two children Marie and Ian (IMDB 1).

Life was not fair to this family. The children Ian and Marie perished in a road accident. This caused a great desperation to the couple. Chris was there to comfort his wife and this enabled her cope with life. Four years later, the husband, Chris Nielson died.

Chris’ spirit turned up at the funeral and he saw what was happening. He watched how his wife grieved in pain. He observed that his spirit was disturbing his wife and he stopped showing up in her presence. Chris’s death added pain to Annie his wife.

Annie got into depression and unfortunately committed suicide to get out of the pain. The loss of three close people in her life brought despair in her life which she felt could only get out of by committing suicide (IMDB 1).

Life after death was what followed. The husband and the children were lucky because they found themselves in heaven. Heaven was very beautiful and beyond their imagination.

It was a great achievement to make it to heaven. The children were re-united with their father Chris and this caused a celebration. Chris’ disappointment came in when he learned that his wife Annie committed suicide and was being tormented in hell (IMDB 1).

Chris could not bear the pain of his loved one spending her life in hell. He decided to take an action to save her life. Albert was the one who had helped Chris to find his children in heaven. Max von and Albert helped Chris to get his wife. They got into another contrasting scene hell which was characterized by burning shipwrecks.

The movie showed love with no boundaries. It was love which could not be separated by death. When Chris decided to go to hell from heaven to rescue his wife, we see how much he loved his wife (IMDB 1).

The effect of the dominant or minority group in this movie had great effects on the lives of the characters involved. Socialization experienced between Chris and his wife caused him to do what other people could not do.

The wife Annie was not able to continue with her life after the loss of her children and her husband. This shows that humans are social beings and that their actions are highly influenced by people close to them (Ballantine and Spade 145).

Family is one of the greatest places for socialization. A nuclear family of a father, mother and children has few people; and thus the bond tends to be stronger between individuals than in an extended family: “Within the family, immediate members are insiders and other people are outsiders…interaction between individuals, stress cooperation and interpersonal disputes are avoided” (Ballantine and Spade 124).

Children are usually aware that home is the best place to be and they should stay at peace with each other. Family is thus very significant in how others relate even with the outside world such as educational institutions.

When life becomes hard or when death strikes, a person may be vulnerable to make destructive decisions. Decisions made out of frustration have no rewards but deteriorates the situation.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that a family bond is very significant. Annie was able to manage stress and depression when her husband was alive. The power to withstand calamity was torn apart by the death of her husband. This shows the effects of love and death in a family.

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