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Updated: Jul 3rd, 2020

Hip-hop choreography includes several styles that have become rather popular; however, breaking or b-boying is arguably the most recognized dancing technique which has been featured in many cinematographic works. To some degree, this popularity can be explained by the fact that it includes many acrobatic elements (Price 36). Those people, who want to appreciate its beauty, should certainly consider such a film as You Got Served directed by Chris Stokes and choreographed by Dave Scott. Overall, this movie is worth attention because it illustrates the diversity of techniques involved in breaking. These are the main details that I would like to elaborate.

It should be mentioned that b-boying usually involves competitions which are often called battles. This notion is used to describe by-turn performances during which dancers try to surpass one another in terms of creativity and complexity of movements. In turn, this film depicts one of such competitions (You Got Served). In this case, one can speak about eight dancers who are divided into two competing groups. In my opinion, this approach proves to be rather productive because the performers are prompted to display their best skills. Dancers understand that their performance will be assessed according to the highest standards. This is one of the aspects that people should take into account while watching this film.

While discussing this performance, one should certainly mention that dancers performed movements that could easily endanger their lives or health. For instance, it is possible to mention headspins. This word means that a person rotates around vertical axis while balancing on his/her head. Additionally, one can speak about freezes or the sudden halting of the body. As a rule, dancers assume positions in which it is very difficult to maintain the balance.

Overall, freezes were performed when a person was upside-down. There were various movements that appeared rather dangerous, especially to a person who never practiced any gymnastic exercises. To some degree, this performance shows that b-boying requires enormous physical fitness. Nevertheless, at the same time, this dancing technique is hardly possible without such a quality as musicality. These are some of the things that attracted my attention.

One should mention that this performance took place in the hall of some large building; however, there was no theatrical lighting. The competition was recorded in the daytime, and the light came through very broad windows (You Got Served). Yet, I can argue that the performance ground was well-lit.

Much attention should be paid to the clothes of dancers; in particular, they wore baggy shirts and pants. This choice is quite justified because these articles of clothing do not restrict the movements of the body. Moreover, this style of clothing is typical of hip-hop fashion (Fleetwood 159).

Additionally, this performance incorporated both solo and group dancing. Overall, solos were represented by dancers who performed the most complex movements. To a great extent, these people played a critical role in illustrating the complexity and beauty of this dancing technique.

On the whole, this movie is remarkable because it can prompt many people to take a closer look at breaking. Additionally, it can encourage many children and adolescents to adopt more active lifestyles. To some degree, this movie has demonstrated to me that dance and acrobatics can be seamlessly integrated into a single entity. These are the main issues that can be distinguished.

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